When your customer says, “I will find someone else..”

In an era where globalization has made it easy for customers to easily substitute you, it is important to know about mistakes that can force your customers to think about your substitutes. I am saying this from my personal experience as a freelancer. I have been pathetic at maintaining a consistent customer service, though I have been able to maintain a consistency in my product quality. It so happened on two different occasions where my buyers threatened to find another seller. The reason for both the cases was the same – delay in order delivery. It is difficult to explain to your customers that there may have been issues at your end. I would say my customers have been extremely understanding since I provided them with a quality product. Continue reading

Smart Tricks to Evaluate Your Customer’s Service Experience

A well-known concept in marketing management is “Customer is king.” The same concept has been extended to the digital marketing domain with the phrase “Content is king.” There is an increasing rush among companies to offer innovative services to customers and expect a high customer loyalty and service feedback. Many marketers succeed in ensuring a high customer service experience by using traditional methods of periodic customer feedback surveys and interviews or doing market research on competitor’s best practices. I don’t say there is any harm in doing so, but digital age demands innovative methods to understand the pulse of your customers. Going forth, I will pen down some of the best creative ideas for businesses who wish to enhance their customer’s service experience. Continue reading