From Emotional Intelligence towards Artificial EI

The most poignant thought that goes through the minds of people is mostly related to their decision. Now, suppose, if your smartphone comes to your help then will it not be a wonderful thing to explore? No, I am not making any wild guesses here. In fact, the time has come when we will soon see how devices will help us in our decision making.

In its simplest sense, emotional intelligence helps one see the real face of emotion and regulate the same depending upon circumstances while AI refers to specialized technology that helps humans perform certain tasks with more diligence and efficiency. Emotional Artificial Intelligence is a combination of these two things helping a person makes right decision using integrated EAI in his devices.

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The Gartner Research has astutely made observation how the days of Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI) are coming soon. By 2022, most of the smart devices and equipment will be able to communicate with us while analyzing our emotional stress and frame of mind.

Artificial Intelligence and Emotional Artificial Intelligence

We already have plenty of AI interfaces including Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana and others. However, the world is now making a giant leap forward in another branch of AI – Emotional AI. The latter will allow a smartphone with a voice facility and camera to detect the user’s mood and emotional state as well.

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The AI-driven technology in sync with the device will help the machine know the emotional context of the user to give actual and meaningful feedback relevant to user’s future decision making capacity. The unlocking of smartphones using face recognition system as pass key is also an AI technique. Emotional Ai will find options to analyse, process and respond to users’ emotional moods and stress as well.

Emotional AI could be of massive help to business men. It can help salespersons realize whether a customer is interested in buying a product or just doing window shopping? It is possible as the device will be able to read the minds of the customers through Emotional AI.

What Does Emotional AI Can Measure?

Emotional AI can easily detect and trace the state of emotions inside our mind. It can literally measure happiness, jealousy, love, anxiousness, disgust, fear, sadness and angriness by way of our facial expressions and voice. Gradually, the stage is set for Emotional AI to take the baton and make humans’ lives less complicated and more accessible.

Various educational software are also being launched that could easily asses the difficulty level of student’s homework and could simplify their tasks. Emotional AI will be also vital in offering direct feedback to business concerns so that they could tweak their business strategies accordingly. With more and more penetration of emotional AI in our lives, data and device security needs to tighten too. Once a hacker remotely gets such data then he can easily read the mind of the victim knowing his likes, dislikes and even bank account details as well.

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According to one statistics, around 50% of consumers use AI-powered devices or technology in one way or other for their daily uses. Wristbands are already widely being used as a stress monitor. A wristband is perfect to predict seizure, stroke, epilepsy and other diseases through its automatic robotic mechanisms. Such devices also alert the user of any inactivity for long hours and may suggest some walking or mild exercises to stay fit.



Some Essential Safety Tips for Pedestrians

Globally speaking, around 1.3-million people die in road crashes every year. The statistics further says that additional 40-50 million people sustained heavy injuries each year. Is there any way to prevent such a disastrous trend? The answer is yes.

Interestingly, not all accidents are caused due to negligence or inability of the driver riding the vehicles. Some accident and mishaps involving pedestrians also happen because of the latter’s ignoring of traffic rules or over-engagement with devices and gadgets.

Top 8 Safety Rules Every Pedestrians Must Follow

#1) Forget Headphones: Headphones are certainly becoming the death trap for the youths. Once they put that device over their head, it literally becomes impossible to listen to the vehicle’s horns. So, once you are on road, don’t put headphones on.

#2) Follow Traffic Rules: Unintentionally, Pedestrians invited dangers by ignoring traffic rules. It shouldn’t be done. When red light is on, it means a pedestrian has to wait. Once it shows green, then pedestrians can walk or cross the roads without any worry.

#3)   Night-Time Travelling: When a person or commuter is walking at night, then he should carry flashlight with himself. If a speeding vehicle fails to notice the passenger, then he should flash the torch to show that he needs help.

#4) Avoid Staying Near to Stationary Vehicles: Many times drivers unknowingly speed over pedestrians while back-riding their vehicles. So, pedestrians will have to stay away from buses, parked cars and other vehicles while crossing.

#5) Sidewalk or Footpath: As per the nomenclature, it is fully safe for pedestrians to stroll on sidewalk or footpaths only. Never try to walk in the middle of the roads amidst so many speeding vehicles. If you come across Zebra Crossing then act according to traffic signals only.

#6) Caution while Crossing a Street: While crossing a Street, you should carefully see left, right and then proceed. No matter what the traffic signal is indicating, still there are some rude and aggressive drivers who are always in a hurry. So, it is highly advisable that you must see all sides of road before crossing the same.

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#7) No Selfie or Facebook Live on Busy Streets: Keep facebook and social media out of your life as long as you are on the street. With a sudden rise in selfie deaths across countries, all pedestrians are strictly avoided and warned not to use facebook while on streets. And never try to use Facebook live either. Social Media could literally endanger your life!

#8) Say No to Drunk Driving: Even though, some countries permit consumption of liquor in moderation while driving, yet it should be avoided at all cost. According to National Center for Statistics and Analysis (NHTSA), 32 percent of all pedestrian fatalities happen late night when drivers are drunk. They not only endanger the lives of themselves but of the pedestrians as well.

The Conclusion

Statistically, 90% of road hazards take place in low and middle-income nations having less than 50% of the world’s vehicles and equipment. Therefore, a pedestrian’s safety is of paramount importance.

Hence, it is important that all pedestrians should exercise maximum caution while walking on the busy streets. They must avoid distractions of all sorts as well.

Traits of a Good Verbal Communicator

Traits of a Good Verbal Communicator
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Some persons are born with an inherent disability that denies them with the blessings of speaking properly. In medical term, this is called stammering. Thankfully, with astute medical care, latest equipment and appropriate speech therapy, the extent of stammering can be reduced.

It is the human’s capacity of communication that keeps the world moving. Yes, how we speak, write and listen determine the quantum of success that we accomplish in life. There are certain things that make a person good verbal communicator but everyone isn’t lucky to be so. Some people face communication problems in their daily lives even without any congenital issues.

It takes years of practice and other traits that make a person good verbal communicator. Nobody is a born communicator with first-class verbal abilities. People have to acquire these skills from the very environment that surrounds us. It is a well known fact that “One’s communication ability is directly linked to one’s thought process”. Every time you interact with people – do so directly from brain not emotions.

5 Tips to be a Good Verbal Communicator

Think Before You Speak: During a verbal communication, whatever you speak should precede with relevant thoughts in advance. Suppose, you wish to speak about “rising crime against women” then you can’t blabber on “climate change or environmental degenerations”. Hence, during a public speech your words should complement your thoughts.

Authenticity and Fact: When you speak or communicate, do it from your own research and analysis and fact – don’t simply utter something that is “based on your emotion”.

Respect Other’s Communication Ability: A good verbal communicator never interferes when others are speaking. It is based on simple dictum that respect begets respect. Being humble should be the cornerstone of your communication goals. So, speak with confidence and humility while accepting convergence of viewpoints too.

Brief, concise and up to point: What separates a good verbal communicator from others is an ability to convey so many things in a few words only. Keep your communication up to the point while talking to others. Nobody likes sermons and parables – keep your communication process more informative and useful.

Be a good listener: Nobody acquires excellent communication skills in a day. Every person aspiring to have exemplary oratory skills should start with being a good listener first. Listening to various discussions and debates opens up one’s mind, and helped grasping important essence from the same.

Fundamentals to a Good Verbal Communication

Some fundamental skills that enhance a person’s communication ability are language proficiency and ability to use a wide variety of vocabulary in his communication. The way a person uses his body language is also necessary during a live discussion or public speaking.

Verbal communicator
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Last but not the least; a good verbal communicator should have the ability to motivate others and add positive essence to their lives. You should keep inspiring people with positive and optimistic thoughts with your words. Never speak same thing again and again – rather convey a lot of other important things that could let them feel enlightened after having a meaningful discussion with you.

Online Trolling can Take a Dangerous Turn

Online Trolling can Take a Dangerous Turn
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We are living at a time when social media bullying or online trolling is the norm of the day. We have to deal with this new online hazard called ‘cyber harassment’ day in and day out. Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others have now emerged out as the most convenient way to abuse, troll and pass condescending remarks on others under the garb of anonymity and freedom of speech.

Of late, former CEO of Twitter admitted that the popular “Micro blogging Site” has failed to tackle the menace of online trolling across the globe. According to a statistics around 50% of the twitter users have faced online trolling once or more.

trolling online
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Even a reputed news site like CNN wasn’t spared. A lot of derogatory and anti-social comments have been posted by online trollers on the news site with nefarious intent to harass others in the discussion or comment thread.

CNN found that the behavior of online trollers is somewhat different from other users in a sense that normal users express their opinions freely but trollers wait for some particular topics to emerge so that they could intervene and start hurling abuse to others — not in sync with the thoughts of trollers. However, CNN has now stopped giving access to trollers with strict algorithms, and all comments are now first manually checked by the admin before approval on the site.

With rise in cases of cyber bullying worldwide, even law enforcement agencies have now come forward taking stern action against anti-social elements engaging in intimidating a user with life threat or criminal intent. But it is far from satisfactory; hardly 10% of the real trollers ever get caught in their real lives.

Online Trolling is a Global Threat

A couple of years back, certain section of antisocial elements in the UK openly abuse women and LGBT. Then Stop Online Abuse campaign was launched throughout the Britain to condemn the practice of online abuse and threats.

A few years back, online trolling crossed all limits when a few abusive netizens mocked a FB memorial page of a deceased person. In another case, a feminist Anita Sarkeesian received a bomb, rape and murder threats from certain criminal-minded online users for speaking up against the “misogynistic perception” prevailing in online games.

In another case, the deputy editor (Washington) of New York Times left Twitter after he was flooded with hate tweets for taking on a controversial issue. A Pew Research Center survey indicated that 70% of trollers are in the age bracket of 18-24. Also, around 26% of women have faced online stalking in their lives.

Trolling on social media
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Shockingly, political parties usually stay mum on this trolling anti-social saga. During the 45th US Presidential Elections, many online trollers openly supported Trump and thrashed Hillary Clinton and her supporters. But none of the parties took the matter seriously.

Online Trolling is Dangerous for Common People

The fulcrum of trolling mentality is to harass people. It is because of these trollers and abusers that many right-thinking and rational people have stopped using social media. Andrew Auernheimer (Weev online) is the biggest troll in the history of social media.

Andrew served more than a year in prison on the charges of conspiracy and concealing real identity, but didn’t mend his conduct even after getting released from Jail. He left the US and moved somewhere else but kept trolling online. Recently, Reddit has also banned a few discussion groups for posting obnoxious things online. Online harassment is taking a dangerous turn now.

Trolls and trolling
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What we now need is a strong law to punish online trollers for harassing people and indulging in antisocial and illegal activity. If a group of people intentionally posting loathsome and hateful messages online to criminally intimidate others, then they should be dealt harshly under the hands of law.

Cultural Mining – Know What you don’t know

Have you ever wondered how you came to know what you know today? From where did all these information end up in the books that you read in school and college. Even the subjects that you have mastered, do you think you know all of it? Think again, because today, most of the things that we are aware of has been filtered or in more precise words, mined.

From religion to science, knowledge as we know is the result of cultural mining. But what is cultural mining?

Cultural Mining describes the process by which the most important parts of culture, by which we understand the arts, humanity, and philosophy are recovered and made useful for our own times.

In cultural mining, the practical sides of culture, are carefully extracted, cleaned, blasted and remolded and then used to manufacture the mental tools that we need to navigate contemporary life.

Its been a historical problem that hugely valued cultural insights have often been lodged in highly unappealing material far below ground. Its been dark and cramped in corridors of culture and hardly anyone except for certain credited experts have been credited to visit.

The material, like metal in ore, is entirely practical in its raw state.

For culture to be useful and meaningful to us, it needs to go through a process of refinement. You have to separate cultural insights from lot of material surrounding it. Like in gold mining, a very little portion of what originally has been dug out will be used to make a finished precious item that our society needs, that is, good ideas.

Its around this process of refinement, the big difference between the school of life and standard universities comes apparent. We ought to be very grateful to these universities for digging the mines and keeping open the tunnels. But we have a different project.

We are interested in the extraction and the utilization of the material on the surface rather than its preservation and interpretation below ground.

The idea of cultural mining is new, still it feels a little weird. But it has a critical role to play in our world. Because at present, lots of people sadly believe that culture has anything significant to offer them. It’s not their fault, of course. When you look at the raw material in the form of which culture is generally laid out for us, no wonder most people don’t bother. That’s a huge pity. We have started doing the mining, deep in the cultural ground to help us meet the multiple confusions and anxieties of our own times.

Why A Valentine’s Day Kiss Could Land You Into Deep Trouble?

Is it really necessary to refrain from kissing someone who you love more than anything else on Valentine’s Day? In fact, the day is all about expressing your love and feeling for one-another. Everybody wishes to kiss his or her partner on this day. With Valentine’s Day just a few months away from us let us first analyze the possible reasons why kissing is strict no-no without doctor’s confirmation.

Following the Valentine’s Day celebration, there is almost sudden splurge in serious diseases. These not just include big ones like STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) and Syphilis, but several other diseases too.

Kissing your loved one without adequate protection can even land you at ICU (Intensive Care Unit) at hospital. Well, the writer doesn’t have any intention to scare you about your love life but just to put things in perspective and how to avoid catching kiss-related diseases.

Top 5 Serious Diseases That Spread Via Kiss

1) Gingivitis: This disease is mainly caused due to spit, but when you are kissing somebody you won’t have any control over yourself. Suppose you are kissing your partner and he is already having gingivitis bacteria, then there is every possibility that you may also get infected.

In French kiss, some more oral organs are involved – through which such bacteria may invade your body. A red and painful gum is the first symptom of gingivitis but again don’t panic without doctor’s confirmation.

 2) Herpes: It is another serious disease that can infect you after having some cozy romantic sessions with your partner. So what? Around fifty per cent of the world populace is affected due to herpes simplex 1 (HSV-1) in one form or another. If you kiss somebody having cut or infected lesion in their mouth, then it’s quite natural that you may also catch the disease. If either you or your partner have a lesion – it’s better to stop kissing and get yourself medically examined.

3) Syphilis: The virus of Syphilis could easily transmit to another person’s body when you kiss each other. Though sexual contacts are viewed as the common reason to catch Syphilis – that doesn’t mean you take kissing easy. If you have developed such types of sore then you must get it medically examined without any delay. A certain dosage of doctor-recommended Antibiotics could be really helpful in such cases.

 4) Meningitis: There is no guarantee that mere kissing can cause you meningitis. But it’s true that if your partner is suffering from it and you come in direct contact with him, then it might invade your body too. No kissing or physical contact is recommended under such a scenario.

5) Mononucleosis Infection: It is the nagging disease that any person can catch after kissing his or her partner. This virus is easily transmissible by way of kissing. Sore throat, fatigue and swollen lymph nodes are the symptoms of this disease. With adequate bed rest, plenty of fluids and nutritious food you can easily cure this disease.

This Valentine’s Day, don’t take any risk. First get yourself and your partner checked from a qualified doctor and be confirmed that you two are carrying no virus or bacteria inside your bodies.  Then definitely, both of you can plunge into kissing and even spending a night together.

Will India and Pakistan Fight in New Year 2017

Ever since India carried out its surgical strikes across POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) in the late September this year, the speculation over a possible India-Pakistan War in the upcoming New Year 2017 is gaining momentum. Those advocating for war must realize that it’s not a cricket match – one game and it’s all over – war rages on. It destroys the lives of several men-in-uniform, their families and even innocent citizens as well when the situation goes out of control.

Defense Experts are of the view that a war should only be the last option. Considering the upcoming assembly elections in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (UP), Modi-led NDA (National Democratic Alliance) government at the centre, with BJP as its ruling coalition partner, can wage a war against Pakistan to strengthen its position in the forthcoming poll. It’s going to be a fatal four-way contest at the UP poll with all major political parties; Congress, BJP, SP and BSP are in the fray.

Possible Reasons Why India-Pakistan War Should Be Avoided

1) Massive loss of human lives on both sides of the border.

2) GDP of both nations will tumbledown due to war. After effects of the war will haunt both nations’ economies for a long time.

3) Possible ill effects of any war would be felt in massive unemployment, inflation, loan burden of international financial institutions and retardation in developmental process.  

4) China’s possible involvement in the war will escalate further tension in the region leaving the fate of the massive chunk of the people into jeopardy.

5) Historically, India and Pakistan have fought against each other for record four times; 1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999, but none of them yielded any viable and concrete solution as yet. War mongering Pakistan had already lost four battles against India; fighting one more war could further impact its already decrepit economy.

Why India-Pakistan Will Fight a War in the New Year

With the year almost coming to an end, there is a growing possibility of war between these two erstwhile nations. Pakistan as a neighbor has always hurt India badly using ‘terrorists’ as its non-state actors. What’s more shocking is the fact that each time India asks Pakistan to act tough on terror; latter invokes Kashmir issue – though these two subjects are asymmetrically different.

Obviously, if Pakistan continues to harm India with deadly terrorism as an element to its foreign policy, how long will India bear the brunt? Most terrorist attacks in India had directly or indirectly Pakistani hands involved in the same. It’s high time our neighbor should divert its attention towards checking in the growing frustration of the Baloch people and other discontented citizens of the country.

Pakistan must fight growing corruption, illiteracy, unemployment, terrorism and communal violence first before it aims to take on India militarily. As of now, the possibility of India-Pakistan war in 2017 is wide open unless Pakistan really undertakes to fight terrorism in reality. But from hindsight, a war between India and Pakistan is almost imminent. However, India and Pakistan should try to solve their disputes first by using dialogues and mutual consultation before taking such a drastic decision as war.