Now You Can Easily Donate Your Hair For Charitable Purposes !

“No Act of Kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted – Aesop” It might not be a big deal for you to go and get a new hairdo, but for a few deprived people even dreaming the same could… Read More ›


Evil Empires of History

Here are some of the most evil nations of the world From worse to the worst, here are the 5 most evil empires in History. Imperial Japan Today’s peaceful Japan hasn’t always been so. The Japanese regime was responsible for… Read More ›

Head Transplant A Reality Now!

Image source: Businessinsider If you think “Frankenstein” was merely a fictional character of Mary Shelley more than two hundred year back, then pause, and think again. In the world of science, nothing is impossible and if science wins then who… Read More ›

Choose to Meditate

  So what is meditation? Well, it can be a lot of things. The word meditation has its origin in the Latin word Meditari, which translates to deep thinking and concentration. In short, meditation has everything to do with concentration… Read More ›

Ranting in Anger

  There’s a world out there where men and women have no choice of life and the also ones who do have no bloody idea that something this extreme exists. Although in India and other similar societies the latter case… Read More ›

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