Tips to Retain Human Intelligence in Machine and Technology Dominant World


Research studies all over the world have documented a significant decline in human intelligence levels in the past few years, and with the rise of machines and technology in human life, the human grey cells are only going to get lazier.

Are you still not convinced with my statement?

Well, let me give you an example.

If I ask you to tell me what is one tenth of 1000, what are you going to do:

a) Calculate verbally in your mind, 1/10*1000=100 and then after thinking for a while give me an answer


b) Pull out your mobile or laptop, open calculator or simply do this calculation on Google search. Once Google gives you the answer 100, you immediately let me know.

I am sure, if not all, at least 20% of you might be using the option (b) or if not exactly (b), some other version except (a).

You got it right, machines have made humans lazy.

Of course, I do not mind finding answers to my questions on Google, but there are some tasks which must be done religiously to keep our brains working.

We are so obsessed with managing our fitness goals on our mobile phone, that we simply forget to exercise daily. Only tracking foot-steps does the job!

While we struggle with ourselves to keep our brains sharper in this technology and machine dominant time, here are some tips to keep your brain active:

  1. Do simple calculations without a machine

Yes, please use some math in your life. If you can’t calculate verbally, grab a pen and paper, and count numbers. It will help your brain cells work and think, and thinking is a brain exercise!

2. Get yourself ample sleep

One of the biggest mistakes 21st century humans end up with is to cut down on their sleep, only to work on their so called machines. You are a human, not a machine. Even a machine like mobile needs to charge! Your sleep is charging for your brain. So get at least 8 hours of sound sleep daily!

3.  Eat healthy food

Heard about “GIGO” in technology – “Garbage in, garbage out?” The same applies to human body. If you want to stay fit, eat healthy and nutritious food. What counts healthy and nutritious for the brain? We have germinated sprout seeds (gram and pulses), soaked almonds, green and leafy vegetables, and fruits!

4. Think about past events

One of the smartest tricks that I have personally used to boost my memory is to recall the past events in the reverse order. At one time I was unable to trace my office keys. So, I sat quietly for few minutes, closed my eyes and recalled the sequence of events in a reverse order. I got the answer, and traced my keys in minutes.

5. Do something differently

If you brush using your left hand, use your right one. If you do something one way, try a different way. I was told this trick by a Professor in Human Anatomy. She said doing so activates the neural tracts and helps in regeneration of neuron cells, especially in old age.

Spend more time with other humans

At last, please spend more time in the company of other humans! Yes, leave that smartphone or laptop for some time, and talk to a neighbor or a friend or your parents!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Please post your feedback!



Zenfone Max Pro | Zenfone Max 2 Launched in India: Price, Features and Launch Offers

Zenfone Max Pro and Zenfone Max 2 were launched in India today at an event which was streamed live by Asus India via its Youtube and Facebook channel. The company’s twitter account also posted updates on the two phone models during the event.

Both the phones are loaded with exemplary features including AI assisted scenes in photography.

Model Variant Price
Zenfone Max M2 3GB/32GB INR 9,999
Zenfone Max M2 4GB/32GB INR 11,999
Zenfone Max Pro M2 3GB/32GB INR 12,999
Zenfone Max Pro M2 4GB/32GB INR14,999
Zenfone Max Pro M2 6GB/64GB INR 16,999

Both the phones will be exclusively launched on Flipkart.

Asus is offerin a complete mobile protection plan on launch for theft, water damage, breakage insurance only at INR 99.
Launch offers also include no cost emi @ inr 2167/month for both phones.
Zenfone Max Pro M2 sale starts on December 18, 2018 at Flipkart.
Zenfone Max M2 sale starts on December 20, 2018 at Flipkart.

Honor 8C Sale Live on Honor Website and Amazon in India

Excited to buy Honor 8C launched recently? You can now buy your favorite mobile – Honor 8C (4GB+32GB/4GB+64GB) in blue and black color at Amazon and honor website. 

32GB variant is priced at INR 11,999/- and 64 GB variant costs INR 12,999/-.


Honor C Purchase Offers

Honor website lists the following offers on purchase of Honor 8C:

  • Flat INR 200 cashback at Paytm
  • Cashback of INR 2200 at Jio with 100 GB data
  • Cleartrip coupons worth INR 2250
  • MobiKwik supercash 20% upto INR 2000

Honor offers cash on delivery as a payment option for Honor 8C purchase.

Honor 8C Specifications:

Model Honor 8C
Company Honor India
Memory 4GB+32GB/4GB+64GB
Micro SD Card Up to 256 GB
Color Variants Blue and Black
Battery 4000mAh
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon
Rear Camera (Main Camera) 13MP dual camera (AI) with Flagship f/1.8 Aperture + 2MP PDAF
Front Camera (Secondary Camera) 8MP with soft light flash
Display 15.9 cm 19:19 Full View
Video Playback 12.5 hours
Gameplay 11.1 hours
Music Playback 50 hours
Standby 50 hours

(Source: website)

Though the phone specifications seem impressive enough, lack of near field communications (NFC) support can be a key turnoff considering the future use of this payment option in Indian retail in coming years.

Buy Honor 8C 4GB+32GB Blue            Buy Honor 8C 4GB+ 64 GB Blue

Buy Honor 8C 4GB+32 GB Black          Buy Honor 8C 4GB+ 64 GB Black


Cubans get access to mobile internet for the first time

Cuba’s State Telephone Company has announced internet browsing on mobile for 3G network customers starting December 06, 2018 (Thursday, Today). The move is supposed to be a gigantic step considering loss of information control, and the need to push economic growth in Cuba. However, the number of people who will be able to take advantage of the new technology largely depends on the affordability.


Cuba has a history of technology related bans with computers being permitted for common people only 10 years ago. Internet access in Cubans home has been very rare prior to 2016. With a population of more than 11.1 million people, there are approximately 5.3 million mobile lines in Cuba and 1.3 million landlines.

Cubans face extremely low internet speeds with 1Mbps speed even at wifi hotspots. Cubans need to pay $7 for 600 MB data and $30 for 4GB. The cost of internet access will therefore be a key barrier since nearly 60% of the Cuban population survives on less than $100 a month. Despite these hurdles, 68% of the Cubans have a Facebook account and 57% have a valid email address.

US companies such as Google have collaborated with the local government authorities to enhance internet access in Cuba.

Google Launches Wizphone WP006 Priced at $7

Google may be planning to enter the feature phones market. The company has launched a new phone Wizphone WP006 which looks quite like a feature phone launched by Jio earlier in India, powered by KaiOS. The phone supports Whatsapp application. As of now, the phone has been exclusively launched in Indonesia.

WP006 was officially launched by one of Google’s senior executives Scott Huffman at GoogleForIndonesia event. The phone is priced at IDR 99,000 which is approximately USD 7 or INR 490.

Comparison of Google Wizphone and Reliance Jio


The below table compares Google Wizphone WPoo6 and Reliance Jio phone for various phone features.

Company Google Reliance Jio
Model Wizphone WP006 Jio Phone
Price IDR 99,000 USD 7 INR 490 IDR 306031 USD 21 INR 1500
Launch Country Indonesia India
Launch Date December, 2018 July, 2017
Operating System KaiOS KaiOS
RAM 512MB 512MB
Internal Storage 4GB 4GB
Screen Size 2.4 inch 2.4 inch
Rear Camera 2MP 2MP
Front Camera VGA 0.3MP
Battery 1800mAh 2000mAh
Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8905 1.2GHz dual-core processor
Connectivity 4G 4G
Features WhatsApp

Google Apps such as Google Assistant with voice commands, Google Maps and Google Search


Jio Apps

Regional language support

Research Confirms: Daily Exercise Makes Kids Smarter

Nearly 2 million deaths are reported each year globally as a result of sedentary lifestyle attributed to lack of any physical activity (Odunaiya, Ayodele, & Oguntibeju, 2010). It is not uncommon to see young students shun outdoor activities for video games, homework and other indoor cravings. The result being their deteriorating physical health and lower mental strength. When differentiating between physical outdoor activities and exercise, one must understand that exercise can be applied to all sets of physical activities that are structured and regular in nature. This means that while you may be considering playing football as an outdoor activity, it becomes a physical exercise if you are playing football on a daily basis for a set time span. So, it makes more sense for a kid to play outdoor games on a daily basis for a minimum time duration instead of doing it once in a week.

Research by Elmagd (2016) shows that cardiovascular exercise has the power to create new brain cells (i.e. neurogenesis) and enhance overall performance of the brain. According to Elmagd (2016), regular physical exercise increases memory and improves the ability to learn new things. Considering these factors, it may not be surprising to see a higher and better academic performance in students that exercise daily in comparison to those who do not exercise at all. In this regard, research by Bass et al. (2013) establishes a strong relationship between regular physical exercise (such as aerobics and muscular endurance) and higher academic achievement in middle school students.

It is time for action now. If you are a school student reading this, pull your socks and start going outdoor! If you are a parent or an educator reading this, please educate students to participate in physical activities. The days of exercise may be painful, but the benefits are tempting too.

Benefits of daily exercise:

  • Better body image and boosted self-confidence
  • Sharper memory and brain power
  • Better academic performance
  • Lesser stress and higher mental strength
  • Prevention of diseases such as heart diseases, obesity, diabetes and stress

Did you take any action, or do you have something to contribute? Please comment! We welcome your suggestions and feedback!

Five Tasks where Google Assistant Fails on an iPhone

Weeks after Google CEO Sundar Pichai proudly announced the capabilities of Google Assistant – an artificial intelligence product, as a technology enthusiast, I decided to download it from the App Store. It was a pleasant experience overall since the software is highly precise in taking commands with my Indian English accent. 

Not belittling the amazing things which the Google Assistant did for me, here is a list of five tasks where the AI essentially failed on my iPhone:

  1. Setting an alarm on iPhone

When I asked Google Assistant to set an alarm on my iPhone (iPhone 7 Plus), it replied upfront: “Sorry, I can’t set alarms on iPhone.”

2. Opening the App Store

Next, I asked the Google Assistant to open the App store for me. The answer was: “Sorry, I don’t know how to open that. But I can open many other apps for you.”

3. Calling Pizza Hut

When I asked Google Assistant to call Pizza Hut, though the software successfully accessed  my phone contact list, it halted right before dialing the number, and I was shown the number at the dial list.

4. Calling Anushka and talking to her

Next, I asked Google Assistant to call Anushka and talk to her. To this also, the software replied, “Sorry, I’m not sure how to help. But I’m still learning.”

 5. Opening Amazon App on my phone

When I asked Google Assistant to open Amazon app on my phone, the software replied, “Sorry, I don’t know how to open that. But, I can open many other apps for you.” Sadly, the only app which Assistant opened successfully was Youtube on my phone.

Keeping the above limitations aside, I would urge you to still try Google Assistant as it is fun to use this amazing app!