Top 10 Weirdest New Year Traditions Around the World

Happy New Year is a day when you see people doing strange things. This is done to ensure prosperity in the next 365 days as well. People love following these traditions to welcome maximum prosperity to their lives. These traditions are also supposed to be a harbinger of good fortune and luck as well.

Weirdest New Year Traditions

Following are the top 10 weirdest New Year traditions followed across the various parts of the globe.

1) Celebration at Graveyard: No matter how scary it may sound, but in the small town of Talca, Chile, local people love to witness the morning of New Year by sleeping in a graveyard on 31st December surrounded by the graves of their loved ones.

2) Smashing Plates: Denmark has an unusual tradition of celebrating the New Year day. You might be surprised to know that Danish people smash plates against the doors of their neighbors. This encourages everyone to clean their doorstep on the first dawn of the year.

3) Eating in Estonia: Over-eating is considered as a symbol of abundance on this day in Estonia. People eat as many as 12 meals on New Year’s Day. Though, people may face the problem of indigestion on the following day but they are least bothered about the same since this tradition is continuing from the past few centuries together.

4) Communication with Cattle: You might be hearing it for the first time but the people of Romania never mind communicating with their livestock on this day. Though, this tradition is particularly followed by the farmers but common people also talk to their pets on this day to ensure good fortune and luck in the following year.

5) Burning Unwanted things: On 31st December, people living in the Ecuador use to burn the pictures of things that they don’t want in the New Year. Especially, they burn a scarecrow because it represents all the negativity of the year that gone.

6) 12 Grapes in Spain: On 31st December, people stay awake from night to dawn in order to welcome the Happy New Year. In Spain, people follow the tradition of eating 12 grapes before the clock rings 12 times. It is believed that each grape is meant to bring good fortune in each of the 12 months.

7) Throwing Equipments: Believe it or not, it is dangerous to walk in the streets of South Africa on New Year’s Eve. People keep throwing various equipments such as phones, television and other things on the people walking in the roads.

8) Celebrity Effigies: You can rate it as the weirdest tradition on the New Year’s Eve. Local people in Panama burn the effigies of famous people and celebrities on this day because it is believed that this ritual would bring good luck throughout the New Year.

9) Brazilian Tradition: People wear white outfit to signify the importance of peace in human life. There is one more tradition in Brazil; people plunge into the sea and over seven waves. This is done to please goodes Lemanja.

10) Red Underwear: In Bolivia, people prefer to wear red undies as an age old tradition. Once the clock strikes 12 on the night of 31st December, people put red underwear to have a year full of love. This continues throughout the New Year Day as well.