Top 10 Movies to Enjoy this New Year 2016

You have plenty of options to make the New Year of 2016 awesome. You can throw a party, go for a vacation trip or you can simply enjoy the day with your family. Christmas weekend is coming soon and you can definitely enjoy some of these ever enchanting Hollywood movies with your family members.


Collect the DVDs of these films and enjoy watching them. The list of the top 10 most enthralling Hollywood movies is given below;

1) Titanic: Every time you mention the great movies of Hollywood, the name of Titanic is sure to be there. The brilliant direction of James Cameron throughout the film will definitely make you mesmerized. It’s a heart touching fictional event about the unfortunate sinking of Titanic, world’s biggest with ship, with more than 1500 people on-board in 1912 in Russia. Even if you have already watched it, you can still enjoy the movie on first January to relive the excitement one more time. 

2) Avatar: The one-of-its-kind science fiction drama was released in 2009 and the film is truly remarkable. It will take you to a strange world in front of strange characters – Paraplegic Marine. The film was directed by world famous director James Cameron. It’s definitely an interesting family movie which you all of you can enjoy watching together.

3) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: This famous film is based on the script of Roald Dahl’s novel. Hollywood actors, Johnny Depp and Freddie Highmore, are in the lead roles. The film was released in 2005 and instantly became superhit. Though, it is categorized as children’s film but adults will also like the movie.

4) Jurassic World: Mind you, the film is far more thrilling than Jurassic Park, released two decades back. Both films might relate to human’s battle against the gigantic creature – Dinosaurs, but this year’s released Jurassic World has the combination of finest graphics and multimedia. The film will not give you a single moment to even blink your eyes.

5) Cindrella: It’s a heart touching tale of Ella – a young girl who had to face the hardship of life after the unfortunate death of her father. However, in the end Ella’s life takes a dramatic turn. The film is truly awesome and can be enjoyed with the family.

6) Frozen: The movie is a refreshing one. It may give you a perfect start to the New Year with lots of optimism, hope and positive attitude. The film is adapted from The Snow Queen, a mesmerizing story written by the famous writer Hans Christian Andersen. The movie unfolds the journey of a princess to find her estranged sister.

7) Lake Placid Series: If you are looking forward to an exciting and nail-biting story, then you can go for it. You can watch any film from the Lake placid series as every film in the series is not only interesting but is immensely entertaining as well. It will keep you thoroughly engaged and entertained too.

8) Tomorrowland: As we step our feet to the unknown days of 2016, it would be amazing to start the day with a very interesting film – Tomorrowland. The film will take you to the unknown land of robots. This 2-hour movie is definitely an exhilarating one. Brad Bird’s direction in the film is completely awesome.

9) Australia: This epic film is all about the ever-enchanting love. This can give you an excellent start to the New Year on a romantic note. The movie is set in the backdrop of Second World War. It has won numerous awards all across the globe since its release in 2008. The sweet message in the film depicts how love wins despite all odds. Nicole Kidman and Hugh Hackman’s stellar performance in the movie will surely touch your heart.

 10) Kungfu Panda Series: The sequels to Kungfu Panda have got massive success globally. The Kungfu Panda series is a perfect start to a rocking and enthralling 2016. The story of Kungfu Panda – first film of the series revolves around the dream of a giant panda’s ambition to become a Kungfu master.