Global Issues

Role and Responsibilities of International Institutions and States Within the International Political Economy

Introduction The idea or rather concept of economic efficiency is one that has been seen to be affecting the world and its entirety since time immemorial. It is one a factor or rather concept that has been seen to have… Read More ›


The Demand of Separate Statehood

Image source: As cited by administrators, creating a separate state is an enunciation to a better judiciary and administration. Although creating a separate country is based on different science altogether. Considering a recent example of Scottish referendum, the Scots… Read More ›

Mankind’s Deadliest Creation

  In 1939, the scientific community discovered that the Germans had found the secret to split a uranium atom. This they thought would make them capable of producing a bomb with power of incredible destruction. Enrico Fermi and Albert Einstein… Read More ›

Who will Win UP Elections?

Image sorce: All signs point that the Uttar Pradesh elections will be held in February, so the time is not far when battle in the biggest Indian state election will kickoff to choose a new chief minister. Rita Bahuguna,… Read More ›

Rise of ISIS

Image source: Rise of Islamic State a phenomenon that has scared the entire world. It’s controlled territory is as big as United Kingdom which cover huge oil supplies and covertly sells it to nations who too buy it without… Read More ›

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