Five Applications of Trigonometry in Real Life

I still remember those school days and the complex trigonometry formulae – sin theta (sin(θ)), cos theta (cos(θ)) and tan theta (tan(θ)) that were used to solve math problems. I am sure you must have gone through a similar process in your math class or might be witnessing it in the present. However, have you ever wondered about the practical application of Trigonometry in solving real life problems? Let us find out how.

  • 1. Composing music on computer

Well, everything is digital these days and music is no exception either! Computers are not skilled enough to understand music notes and tones. All they can understand is wave calculation through trigonometry. That is why sound engineers must know trigonometry basics to do a good job.

  • 2. To measure height of a mountain

For those of you who are found of trekking, trigonometry can be of great help. Today, there are many trigonometry based mobile apps that can help you measure the height of a mountain or any elevated structure for that matter.

  • 3. Architectural Design

Have you ever wondered how architects plan those indoor spaces so well including the positioning of the stair case, kitchen lamp, etc. and get their angles so right? Yes, it is trigonometry that helps them imagine the positioning of objects inside the house.

  • 4. Creating maps

Trigonometry can help you in creating maps. Ever wondered how those locations are mapped including depth of oceans? Yes, it is the same trigonometry at play.

  • 5. GPS System in your car and smartphone

Well, trigonometry has a wide-scale application in the global positioning system (GPS) installed in your car and smartphones. It helps you get directions to various destinations based on satellite data!

Can you think about any other application of trigonometry that we have missed? Please post your comments. We will acknowledge your contribution in this post. Thank you!

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