5 Things You Always Wanted to Tell Her

things-you-always-wanted-to-tell-herMy dear love..

There have been times when I was mum, not because I had nothing to say, but because I had too much to. After spending some time thinking, I have finally decided that I would like to tell you these 5 things, which I never could. I am sure you will very well understand my emotions behind each one of them, after all, the only thing that I have wished for my entire life, is to see you happy.

So Please….

1. Try To Forget The Past: As I have discussed with you a lot of times, life is not a joyous ride. It’s not a fairy tale. Pain and struggle are as real as fun and happiness. Be strong and try to get over the past and work on the present, for which I am always there to support you. Lighten up your soul, there’s nothing you can do to mend the things which have already happened. The only thing you can do right now is to look at the present and weave your future the way you want.

2. Start Living For Yourself: Out of all things I love about you, your kind heart always stands apart, making me fall in love with you all over again. But sometimes it’s important to realize the significance of your own life. Don’t let things around you affect your kindness with the toxicity of lies and betrayals. The world would have been pretty better if it was like you think it to be. But not everything that shines is gold. So let those certain things sway away, without harming your inner self. For me, there is nothing more important than you and you know it well that I cannot see you being troubled by unnecessary issues that hold no importance to us. You may not be always wrong in helping others and caring them, but then you can’t harm yourself in the process.

3. Love What You Have Always Loved: Your love for writing is immense, I know it! Don’t let materialism dilute the innocence in you. There is a big-big world out there that you have always loved to explore. Take up the zeal and explore your happiness and your creativity and I am sure, you will get to know more about yourself.

I personally think it’s time you started again from where you left. My gifted pen is still waiting for you on that shelf with your book on Love and Expedition. You need to continue writing… I will be your alarm clock, I will make coffee whenever you want,  I will stay awake until you are, but please don’t let it go. It is who you are and you know it well.

4. Keep Smiling: You know my heart skips a beat when I hear you laugh. I remember the first time I saw you in the library. That sweet smile you wore while talking to your friend was the best smile I ever encountered. That innocent smile must never rest and fade. I know you don’t care about our life being tough because I have known you too well and  have seen you countless times, smiling even after problems kept coming like waves of the ocean. Your smile keeps me going and I wish to treasure each of them.

I might have said it a thousand times, yet I will say it again….

5. I love you: Every day, when I wake up in the morning before you, I get to see the most beautiful thing in the world. YOU! I love to whisper these 3 words while I kiss your eyes and get off the bed. I know you know I do that, but you still act like you don’t. It’ really cute, especially when we both know what makes it cute.

Frankly, I am glad and thankful to God to have given me a girl like yourself, I hope we keep loving each other the way we do. Here I am, with my dramatic self, confronting

To the most beautiful woman I know, who was once my girlfriend and now happens to be my wife.

I Love You and will always do!

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