Top 5 Crazy New Year Traditions

Once it’s 12 o’clock on the night of 31st December, the great and grand New Year celebration begins. The first day of the year marks as the most pivotal day in everyone’s life. This day ensures that you are blessed and alive to witness the 1st dawn of the New Year – celebration starts from late midnight and continues till morning and entire week thereafter.

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People from all across the world love to celebrate New Year’s Day with full fervor and enthusiasm. People also wish each other and gift them with greeting cards and other nice things as per the convention.

Red Undies: You must have not heard this type of tradition or celebration before. People of Bolivia celebrate the 1st day of the year very uniquely. Men and women, young or old, put on red underwear on this day. This symbolizes the presence of love in their lives throughout the New Year.

Traditional Food: You just can’t keep traditional food away from the occasion. It is must-must for New Year day. The Dutch tradition holds greater importance to food. They eat donuts on this day to welcome success. While in Greece, people celebrate the day in a traditional way by preparing Vassilopitta, a delicious home-made cake, and puts a coin inside it. It is believed that whoever finds the coin will be showered with god’s blessings and good luck throughout the New Year.

Fun at Cemetery: Every year on the night of 31st December in Talca town of Chile, local people love to sleep at the graveyard so that they witness the dawn of 1st January at the graveyard itself. They do it with a hope to accompany their late relatives and family members at the grave on 1st January – who are no more living.

Burning Effigies of Famous People: It is strange yet true. People of Panama are known for their craziest New Year tradition. On this day, local people love to burn down the effigies of celebrities and reputed persons as a gesture. They do it in large number on the streets. It is done with a hope that these people will receive a lot of good luck in the New Year.

South African New Year: Do stay cautious if you are planning to celebrate New Year and New Year’s Eve in South Africa. You might find it strange, but let me tell you that it is extremely risky to walk on the streets of South Africa in New Year day; you never know when a television set would fall on your head. Yes, as per the tradition, People throw various equipment and things at commuters walking on roads. Actually people believe that this gesture brings a lot of good hope and blessings to them.

Interestingly, some people love to celebrate the day in traditional manner while some celebrate the New Year day extravagantly. You will be surprised to know that nations across the globe celebrate 1st January in various methods depending upon their traditions. And these traditions are more unique and crazier than one another.

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