Going Bra-less During Covid Lockdown can be Damaging

I have been forwarded some posts by my female friends on social media that suggest bra is a non-essential item during Covid lockdown period (figure 1). I do not understand the reason why bra was included in the list.

Figure 1. Source: Whatsapp status by school friend, no intention to violate any copyright, shared only in public interest.

Medical Explanation:

From my own personal experience and based on advice of health experts, it is known that not wearing bra for a long time leads to sagging of breasts in women. In the absence of bra, Cooper ligament could be damaged and cause the breasts to sag. Cooper ligament is the connective tissue in the breast that plays a crucial role in maintaining its structural integrity.

Disadvantages of not wearing bra:

Some of the harmful effects of not wearing bra during lockdown period include:

  • Sagging
  • Changes in shape as well as posture of beasts especially in B/C cups

Advantage of wearing bra:

  • Bra should not be seen as an inconvenience but as a part of support system for your breasts that counter the effects of factors such as age and gravity.
  • Wearing a bra can help your breasts stay in proper structure and shape.

Advice for women:

  • Please continue to wear bra on a daily basis like you have been doing in your life prior to corona crisis. You are already habitual to it and it is a good habit to wear bra.
  • You can switch to more comfortable options such as flexi wires and padded hook styles.
  • Large breasted women should wear non-wired styles with seam cups.
  • Pregnant women should avoid wires.

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