5 Tips to Stay Positive during Coronavirus Lockdown

I am from India and we have been in a nationwide lock-down for more than a month now. I empathize with my countrymen and people from various parts of the world who are locked in their homes due to the same reason, coronavirus.

Well, the initial days of coronavirus lockdown were quite tough on me to be very honest. I got very anxious and stopped working for the first few weeks. It took me at least 2 weeks to resume my work and live a normal life. You would question what’s new in that? Every office going person does take time to adjust working from home. But my case is a bit different. I have been a freelancer working from home since 2012 and it was only in the past 2 years that I had joined a coworking space. Therefore, working from home is an old habit for me. Still, the magnitude of the coronavirus crisis and the statistics on infections and deaths had a cascading effect on my mind.

I did the following five things that helped me live a better and balanced life during this lockdown period:

  1. Stop being obsessed with media

It is a good idea to keep up with government announcements and changes in regulations related to Coronavirus. However, there is no need to keep following the statistics and news events for an entire day. I stopped watching news channels and instead switched to reading newspapers every morning online. It helped me in many ways. First, I was able to focus on my work instead of following news updates and events. Second, I was able to cut off fake news that might circulate on social media to cause unnecessary panic. Third, I still had access to authentic information published in the newspaper. I am following this practice till date and it seems to be working very well for my mental health.

2. Exercise daily

Exercise on a daily basis is very crucial for your health. I have not stepped outside during the lockdown as most of the parks are closed. Then what do I do? I do household work a lot. For instance, I wash my clothes by hands. Washing clothes by hand requires a lot of energy and it is a useful activity for staying fit. I also clean the floor and other parts of the house. I cook in the kitchen and then clean the utensils as well as the shelf. All these tasks ensure that I am busy as well as exercising.

3. Keep working

Well, this tip applies for people who are in computer based business that can be performed online. But on the flip side, if you have a business that cannot be done from home, you can still explore maintenance tasks for your business. For example, your website might have been outdated or some of the accounts or records or even business strategy could be realigned with the changing times. Keep moving ahead and do not look back.

4. Learn a new skill

Learning is a continuous process. In this lockdown period, you can spend your time in upgrading your skills via various learning platforms such as Linkedin, Courseera, Upgrad and so on. I have joined a Linkedin course for improving my writing skills and the learning so far has been great!

5. Train your mind

Our saints as well as ancient scriptures say: “Mind is our greatest enemy.” The reason why they say so is because the mind is always restless and never stops working. So, there is a need to tame our mind and focus it on God. Practicing spirituality and meditation (art of focus) can make your mind relaxed and develop strength to handle tough situations such as the ongoing Covid crisis in a better manner. Our mind can be trained to focus on positive thoughts and when such focus becomes a habit, the subcoscious mind automatically shifts us to constructive thinking.

Accept it

Let us accept that we cannot change the situation. Covid-2019 pandemic is global and it will take time before it ends. Therefore, I would suggest you to live in the present and enjoy every moment of your life by accepting things as they are. Once you accept the present, your life will become much easier as you will be able to deal with the changing circumstances.

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