5 Habits of Lazy People Working From Home

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Whether you are from USA, Europe, Asia or any country that has asked its citizens to stay at home; the emotions running through the human mind are almost the same. There is a lot of anxiety regarding the status of coronavirus infections, scope of employment and economy prospects. Among all these serious challenges, we at Researchvilla thought to post some content on a lighter note that makes you a bit relaxed in these challenging times.

5 Common Habits of Lazy WFH People:

Since we all are spending most of our time inside our homes, here is a list of 5 home related tasks which people lazy by their habits usually avoid or postpone:

  1. Leaving device charger turned on for hours:

Many of us who are working from home are quite lazy in turning off the charger after our device (laptop or mobile) has been completely charged. I am often leaving my charger disconnected from the laptop while leaving the lead unattended for few hours only because I am too lazy to get up and turn off the power supply! Now that is a real lazy habit, is it not?

2. Sleeping with lights on:

It may so happen that you are working on a job late night and by the time you are done, you are quite exhausted with little motivation to get up from your bed and turn off the lights. Some of the obvious solutions to avoid such habits are working from a desk and having the light button near the bedside.

3. Cluttered work desk:

For people working from home, keeping the desk table organized can be a tough task to do. Many like me may have their table cluttered for weeks before there is an emergency to make it look clean.

4. Avoiding stepping out:

Many work from home people are too lazy to go out and get groceries by themselves. Most of us are ready to pay a small fee to order delivery of essential items via apps such as Amazon Pantry, Swiggy and Zomato. In India, the food delivery app Swiggy is offering a genie service that lets one assign any task for a fee of INR 40 per task. It is a blessing for many work from home people as one avoids stepping out only to get medicines or groceries in this highly infectious and hot environment.

5. Piling up laundry:

It is quite common for work from home people to pile up their laundry clothes for as many as 1-2 weeks before washing them altogether like an emergency task one fine day.

I hope you enjoyed reading my article. Please post your comments and tell me if you have any other lazy habits while working from home.

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