Tragedy at Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020

A 64 year old man died after he collapsed while participating in a senior city marathon organized in Mumbai on Sunday. Another runner had to undergo angioplasty after heaving a heart attack post race completion. A woman participant also suffered a stroke. Nearly 17 runners were admitted to different hospitals due to various health issues and accidents related to the event.

The 64 year old man was diabetic and on medication. Doctors at Bombay Hospital tried to revive him with shock therapy but all in vain.

The participants had to run on the Badra-Worli Sea link spanning nearly 4 kilometers to complete the race.

Such events raise concern over the safety of senior citizens participation in such marathons and advice of the health professionals regarding such cases.

Advice for Senior Citizens:

  • Please consult your physician before enrolling in any kind of physical activity such as a race or any other fitness event.
  • If you have a strong history of diseases such as Diabetes and cardiovascular disorders, please inform the event organizers and engage in light activities.
  • At an old age, rigorous physical activity is not advisable. A daily walk may prove more beneficial for you in comparison to a marathon event.

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