Scientists Create the First Ever Living Robot Xenobot

2020 has started off with several innovations in science and technology, many of which are unprecedented in human history. The successful creation of living robots or xenobots is one of them.

As per recent research reports, scientists have successfully created the first ever living robot or xenobot by engineering frog embryos in the laboratory to behave like living programmable organisms. This breakthrough can pave the way for development of computer-designed life forms in the near future that may be programmed for tasks such s drug delivery in the human body.

What are Xenobots?

Xenobots are millimeter wide robots that were created by stitching together various cell types from a frog embryo in special ways that allow them to move towards a target and also based on the interactions between the cell types.

These xenobots are also programmed to lift payload such as a medicine that needs to be delivered at a specific site within a patient’s body. These are novel living machines that are neither a usual robot nor an animal species.

Possible Uses of Xenobots in Future

The future use of xenobots can be:

  • To detect toxic contamination in the environment
  • Collecting microplastic from ocean bodies
  • Clearing blocked blood vessels
  • Deliver targeted medicines in patients

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