18 Carat Gold Made with Plastic is a Reality

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Gold jewelry may become lighter in coming time whilst retaining its glitter. Scientists at ETH have successfully created a light-weight 18-carat gold with the help of plastic matrix instead of the traditional metal alloys.

The news may bring joy to the lovers of gold jewelry and watches as these will become quite light in weight without losing their shine at all.

Comparison of Traditional 18 Carat Gold and Plastic 18-Carat Gold:

Aspect   Traditional 18-Carat  Gold Plastic 18-Carat Gold
Density 15g/cm3 1.7g/cm3
Composition 3 Quarters Gold + 1 Quarter Copper Matric of protein fibres and polymer latex embedded in think discs of gold nanocrystals
Material Properties Metal Plastic

Utility of Plastic 18-Carat Gold:

The plastic gold can be used for the following:

  • Manufacture of jewelry and watches
  • Chemical catalysis
  • Electronics applications
  • Radiation shielding

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