Artificial Human NEON is Here

Until last year, the world of artificial intelligence was largely dominated with chatbots like Siri and Alexa. The new year 2020 has begun with a race for AI-powered artificial humans that have the skill to converse and empathise like real human beings do.

At 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CEC) in Las Vegas, Samsung STAR Labs headed by renowned computer scientist Pranav Mistry uncovered NEON that behaves like a real human. The technology allows creation of customized digital beings that may be used as television anchors, financial advisors, movie actors or friends. It may take few years before this technology is launched on a commercial level.

Difference between NEON and AI Assistants

What differentiates NEON from a typical AI assistant or any other voice assistant is human emotions and expressions that are essentially powered by Samsung’s CORE R3 technology that also gives it a visual shape and character.

CORE R3 is an amalgamation of various technologies such as behavioral neural network, evolutionary generative intelligence and computational reality that together bring life to NEON. The platform is capable of giving voice to an earlier collected data and create unique interaction piece in less than 20 milliseconds which is almost like humans.

The Next Phase

The next phase will see a smarter version using SPECTRA technology that will allow NEON to learn from interactions, memorize them and present them with the correct emotions.

Issues and Concerns

As we progress in 2020 with a new race for AI, the machines may be in a more powerful position ever. The ongoing innovations may dent the human existence in the future.

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