Five Gadgets You Should Not Buy in 2020

2020 has just started and we are today in the first 7 days of the leap year that announces the arrival of a new decade. As we progress in coming years, we are likely to see more technical innovations and invention of gadgets we had never ever imagined. This article makes sense for all the tech geeks who love to collect various types of gadgets to help them live a better life. If you are not careful, you may end up collecting some of these that are quickly losing their charm. Read on to find out!

  1. Non-Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers have become quit affordable today and are compatible with majority of the electronic products including smartphones, laptops, tablets and televisions. Many smartphone makers have started removing headphone jacks from the handsets thereby further pushing bluetooth technology. Therefore, buying a non-bluetooth speaker or retaining such a gadget may not be a smart move.

2. Non-branded Power Banks

There are many reports about the explosion of fake power banks and therefore buying a cheaper or local version may not be a good option. You can buy power banks that are manufactured by top battery companies such as Duracell which provide fast charging and great customer service. You might have to pay more money for such branded products, but considering the security and superior quality, it’s worth the call.

3. Memory Cards for Smartphones

Gone are the days when smartphones came with a very small storage space. Today majority of the smartphone makers launch mobile handsets with a capacity of 32GB and the options explode to a range of 512 GB. In such an environment, buying a memory card for your mobile phone data may not be a great thought.

4. VR Headsets

The virtual reality headsets may not be a lucrative investment in purview of their expensive price and limited content availability.

Buying these can be postponed until a stable market evolves in this sector.

5. HD Televisions

High definition televisions are quickly losing their charm as full HD televisions, android televisions or 4K television sets are becoming more affordable for everyone. If you are still retaining an old HD television, you might want to sell it off and upgrade to a new one this year.

We hope you enjoyed reading our list. Please drop us a line in the comment below if you have any feedback for us!

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