Get Ready for Virtual Speakers on Apple MacBook

Virtual Speakers by Apple

As per news reports, Apple has recently secured a patent for virtual speakers in MacBook that has the capacity to stimulate sounds from anywhere in the room.

Such a virtual acoustic system is based on “crosstalk cancelling” technology where sound waves ear receive from the left and right channels are essentially overlapped. This effect facilitates “spatial cues” in audio signals that allow a sound to be placed in space virtually.

The breakthrough can pave the way for a new series of immersive audio applications. For example, the listening experience of a podcast can be enhanced through an immersive experience using such powerful applications.

Though Apple’s virtual speakers mainly focus on immersive experience for one of the human special senses – ears (sense of hearing), other companies are developing similar technologies to involve other four senses such as touch, see, smell and taste. Virtual Reality (VR) gadgets are a perfect example where users get a truly immersive experience of the games they are engaged with.

A 360 degree video or a movie can be a thoroughly enjoyable experience for family entertainment.

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