A Place Where Dolls Beat Humans in Numbers

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Nagoro, a slowly shrinking village located in the valleys of Shikoku in Japan today has more dolls than humans. The village saw its human population decline with majority of the people moving to cities in search of employment. With the remaining hand-few, children are totally absent as of today.

The schools were shut down at primary level in the year 2012 since the qualifying wards completed their elementary education. It is astonishing to learn that the last time a child was born in Nagoro was 2001.

Since there are less human faces to see, one of the doll artists in the region decided to replace human population with that of dolls to cheer up the mood of the place. However, to me as a reader, it becomes terrifying to imagine life without human faces.

What are the possible solutions?

In some of the Asian countries such as India, population explosion is a matter of concern. On the other hand, economies such as Japan and the United Kingdom are facing population crunch. In such a scenario, immigration of young population from such over-populated countries can be considered so that human society does not have to depend on life-like dolls as a substitute for real and living children.

New employment opportunities should be generated at village level to boost growth and this itself will attract the young Japanese to migrate to rural areas.

Remote working should be given as an option for internet based businesses so that local youth can work from the comfort of their homes in Japanese villages and support their family.

Location of Nagoro Doll Village Japan

Well, if you would like to visit Nagoro Village in Japan, the following Google Map may help you:

Map of Nagoro Village, Japan (Screenshot from Google Maps)

How to Reach Nagoro Village, Japan?

In case you are traveling by a train and bus:

From JR Awa-Ikeda Station, take the Shikoku koutsu bus Iya line Kubo and get off. Now take the Miyoshi-shi bus for Nagoro and get off on the stop.

The same bus Miyoshi-shi will stop at JR Koboke station and Oboke station.

For Iya line, the timetable is similar.

If you are using a car:

It will take 2 hours and 10 minutes approximately using route Ikawa-Ikdea IC.

Additional Resources:

You may find more information on Nagoro Japan here:



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