How to Create a Personal Charity Box from Waste in 5 Minutes?

Global warming and one of its most dreaded effects, climate change are a reality today. Considering these factors, it is crucial that we humans learn to minimize our waste. In this direction, I decided to utilize some of the waste material at my home to create a personal charity box. Well, you would argue that why a “charity box” and not a “piggy bank?” The answer is simple. With a piggy bank, you have the option of withdrawing money for your personal expenses as and when needed. But, you never try to get back whatever you have donated for charity. In our too hectic city lives, we humans often forget that we need to donate towards a good cause to get our name registered within the kingdom of God.

Quoting Bible here: Matthew 6:3 (King James Version): But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth. That meaning alluded to the wisdom of not giving oneself credit for providing charity to others – just give and forget about it.

Charity should be done in such a manner that the left hand should not be aware if right hand is donating anything. Therefore, keeping a personal charity box with you will help you pledge some money to be donated and the enclosure will keep the amount secret for you as well as for the person or organization or cause to whom you are contributing. Doing so will also save you from the habit of counting money you have pledged for charity, and who knows you might be donating $100 instead of thought $70. $30 extra donation will only add to your good karma and will be returned by the Almighty through His grace.

Steps to Create a Personal Charity Box:

  • Arrange a cardboard box that is handy for you to keep – the best place to look for such boxes are unpacked item covers. Have a wrapping paper in place along with a pair of scissors, gum and tape.
  • Wrap the cardboard box with the wrapping paper and use glue and tape to let it stick on the box.
  • Now using a scissor or a cutter, create a wide gap for the money to pass through.
  • Hurray! Your charity box is ready for use!

What are you doing to save the environment? Share your ideas with us!

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