Five Romantic Gifts for Her on Valentine’s Day

Be it a romantic gift on the Valentine’s Day or a special gift on her birthday, you must not leave any opportunity to surprise her with your extremely cute gesture that says, “Babe, this one’s for you because I love you.” Fortunately, if your girl really loves you too, it wouldn’t really matter if your gift is economical or pricey, but what matters more are your emotion and feelings that you share with your gift.

There are times when you are totally out of ideas for what to gift to your girlfriend. Enough of chocolates, jewellery (not that they won’t like), clothes and many such common items that every boyfriend gives to his girlfriend.

Top Five Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Here are some amazing romantic gifts that would definitely make her smile and probably kiss you too.

1. Flowers

Flowers remain the most evergreen present which a boyfriend can ever gift, but aren’t they common? Of course they are, that’s why you must make it look uncommon to add some specialty with an out of the box thinking. It entirely depends on you as in how you wish to present her flowers.

Consider the special day you wish to give her a present. Spend the entire day with her and just ignore the idea of a gift until the moment you both are home, where you already have a surprise for her. What is it?

As she enters the house, she can’t see anything but a few candle lights. When she walks in, she feels that there is something she is walking on which is soft and smells good. She is intrigued with the incredible aroma in the house and she is constantly asking you to put on the lights… Just as you do that, (you better keep an eye on that face) she is amazed by seeing red, yellow, pink, white (as many colors as you can get) roses decorated and spread all over the floor like a flower carpet and she literally can’t believe her eyes as she had never really experienced anything like this, until you or her ex or…… Let’s hope not! 

You may like ordering flowers online through Benchmark Bouquets.

2. Love Letter

Who doesn’t enjoy reading a love letter? I really pity the kids of this generation who probably won’t know what it’s like to wait for her response after you wrote all your feelings in a piece of paper with all guts. Well, not all of us were lucky to get a response, but yes, it the feeling would have been out of the world if we did. Anyways, you must write her a letter to ignite some old school emotions and there’s a high chance she might write you back this time. 😉

3. Cruise Date

You, your girlfriend and timeless solitude… How wonderful!

If I had the opportunity to declare the best place to propose a girl, I would definitely choose a cruise. Why? Because, when you both are alone and you are probably scared to death while waiting for her response, just end say “if you don’t say yes, I will throw you in the water and nobody comes to know.” 😛

If not the above, then simply spend some quality time alone away from the hassle of your everyday lives and give yourselves some really important moments to revive those memories that have perhaps faded within the course of your relationship. Yes, it matters, if not today, then tomorrow.

4. Breakfast in Bed!

Well, I have no doubt that she would definitely enjoy this gift more than any other as you bring her a breakfast in bed, simply because she know exactly how much you don’t want to do that. Guess what? It’s also an amazing way to fire up some early morning romance 😉

I did try present once and I ended up doing it many more times and you know why.

Finally, the best for the last and the one that steals the show is…

5. Personalized Playing Cards (Love cards)

An awesome and really romantic idea for a worthy romantic present, give her a personalized playing cards. Here is what you need to do to turn a deck of playing cards into a romantic gift.

Buy a deck of cards. Break out the papers and glue. Buy some key chain rings and you are ready to go. Use a hole puncher and punch holes along the edges of all the cards at the same points to put through the chain rings easily.  You can write a message on each of the backs of the cards which like 51 reasons I love you and some extra special message in the last card. Now it’s time to spiral-bound the cards by feeding them through the holes.

There you are, with have made a personalized Love Cards for her with your own hands and brain…to some extent.

You may like placing the cards in a beautiful card holder.

Pro Tip:

In the era of technology revolution and scarcity of time, buying your valentine gift online can be a brilliant idea. You may like to browse best valentine’s day gifts on Amazon.

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