Banks Warn About Vishing Attacks to Customers

Security has been a paramount concern for majority of the technology intensive companies, and banks being financial institutions are no exception. After a series of phishing and spoofing attacks, the latest to join the glossary pool is “vishing” attack.

What is a Vishing Attack?

Vishing is the attempt of a fraudster to extract confidential details from banking customers over a telephonic conversation. The criminals ask for confidential details such as userid, login, transaction password, OTP (one time password), URN (Unique Registration Number), Card PIN, grid card values, CVV and personal information such as date of birth and maiden name of mother. These fraudsters often pose as banking officers and try to trick customers into sharing their sensitive data over the phone. These details are then used to login into customer accounts and transfer funds.

Tips and Advice to Save Yourself from Vishing Attack

  • Please be advised that none of the financial or taxation bodies ever ask any individual for their sensitive data over phone or email. Users are therefore advised to treat any such call or email or message with high suspicion.
  • One should not respond to any mail or form asking for information such as PIN, OTP, date of birth or any other data.
  • One should never access online banking or net banking services from public computers.
  • Users are advised to register their mobile number and email for any transactions conducted on their banking account.

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