Just Upgraded to iOS 12.1.2 Release-What Next?

iOS12.1.2-updateIt was a casual research on the internet regarding technology news all over the world when I was informed that Apple had released its iOS 12.1.2 software.

Being an iPhone user, I decided to quickly check my settings tab and read the briefing of the upgrade by Apple.

It said that the upgrade was meant to fix bugs with the recently released iPhone models such as iPhone XR and intended to solve call related problems in Turkey region.

I accidentally clicked on download update and before I realized, my smart phone had upgraded itself to the new iOS, thanks to the high speed LAN.

I was quite scared after reading news updates about lack of call connectivity with Apple devices after the upgrade. However, so far, I have not faced any such issues with my device. Though it has been less than 24 hours since I upgraded to iOS 12.1.2, I am keeping my fingers crossed for the said issues to not hold true for Asia Pacific Region (India in my case).

Patience holds the key

For those of us who have already upgraded their Apple devices to this dreaded iOS, there is only one option left – wait for the next upgrade released by Apple.

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