How to Celebrate New Year at Home-Ideas and Tips

The year 2018 is set to say sayonara to us as it paves the way for the blissful 2019 to touch our lives with all the goodness of the world. While you may have several ideas to celebrate the first dawn of Happy New Year, but enjoying the whole day with your family and near and dear ones will surely be a cherishing moment for lifetime.

You don’t need to look anywhere else. Let the fresh beginning of 2019 start with a grand celebration with your family at home. It’s probably the time when everyone forgets his or her hectic life schedule and just indulges in the New Year Parties with family and friends. Travelling and dining at hotels are quite common, let’s try something different this time.

Here are some tips and tricks to enjoy your new year at home:

1) Greet Others: The first thing that you should do in the morning of New Year day is to greet everyone around you with a big smile. This keeps us in the best of our mood. Let the New Year start with a cheerful spirit.

2) Decorate Your House: The first day of the year is the most memorable day in anyone’s life. Try to beautify your house with a lot of accessories and gift items on this particular day. For example, you can decorate each room of your house with lots of balloons, candles, toffees and toys. You can also use new curtains on your window and doors.

3) Fireworks: Once the clock goes past 23:59 in the night of 31st December, be ready to see the fireworks all around you. It would be more wonderful if you gaze at the riot of colors in the sky with your loved ones.

4) Wear New Dresses: You should ensure that everyone in the family wears magnificent new outfits on this day and looks as resplendent as ever. How amazing it would be to see everyone in new dresses and reflecting vibrant colors and design on this very auspicious day.

5) Invite Friends: When you decide to celebrate the occasion with your loved ones, then don’t miss to invite your buddies too. As we are well aware that friends are important, hence you should invite your friends for a get together to enjoy the party with more excitement and fun.

6) Good Food and Desserts: Delicious dishes are very important to have a glorious new year’s celebration at home. Make sure that the food and dessert that you are offering on this day taste awesome. The menu must have appetizers, entrees, main course and dessert in a serial-wise manner as mentioned. You can order cake gift baskets online to end the celebration on a sweet note.

7) Holiday for Pets: You might miss enjoying enough time with your pets due to your busy lifestyle. But enjoying holidays with little creatures brings in loads of happiness. Let your kitten and puppy have a little, but vivacious dresses and see the thrill on their tiny faces. Also try to play with them as much as you can to have a rocking start to 2019 for your little buddies.

8) Resolution Time: Why should you keep your resolution secret? Share it with your family members. In fact, everyone should pick any a resolution that is very important for the family as a whole. For example; all of you can resolve to spend at least half an hour in the gym every morning in 2019. Now, you should ensure that everyone follows the same.

9) Playing Games Together: How many times have U played games with your family? Probably very less. On the New Year holidays all of you should enjoy some quality time playing with each another. Be it Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis or even Football, you will love it for sure.

10) Watching Good Movies: Recreation is one of the basic reasons why people wish to have more holidays in a year. On Christmas and New Year holidays, you can enjoy some beautiful films with your family members at home. For example; all of you can watch interesting movies together such as Chronicles of Narnia, Hobbit, Finding Nemo, Tangled, Shrek and many more. You may subscribe to Amazon Prime Videos to make the best of your new year celebrations.

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