Home Robots that Reach Out and Help Like Family

When considering the definition of robots, it is understood that these are nothing else but complex machines that have been programmed well to follow a set of instructions and perform tasks that may be repetitive or mechanical.

The concept of robots has been implemented on a wide scale in commercial industries such as Intel where efficiency and accuracy are most critical.

Sadly, robotic workforce is quickly replacing human workforce around the world because of the unimaginable consistency which these machines bring in comparison to humans.

Nevertheless, robot making companies have worked on the aesthetic elements of robots to make them accustomed to a typical home environment, technically called humanoids or home robots.

It may be incorrect to call all home robots humanoids as humanoids specifically refers to robots that look like humans. Some home robots may be humanoids of course.

Few decades ago, it was tough to imagine if these robots could find their way in human family in a high integrated fashion. Today, home robots are being deployed to give company to kids in their education, clean floors and carpets, and even entertain users by playing songs or help them with information search via the internet.

Let us look at some of the best selling home robots on one of the world’s leading ecommerce platform, Amazon.com:

Vector Robot by Anki
Vector-robotThe first on the list is Vector Robot manufactured by Anki. Being powered by artificial intelligence and advanced robotics, Vector has a personality of its own and power of sight, sound and touch.

The robot is voice activated and can perform tasks such as answering questions, taking pictures, inform about the weather and so on.

Users can set-up Alexa on Vector to set reminders, control smart home devices such as lights and speakers. Vector has the capacity to navigate and charge on its own.

Vector runs on an updating platform which keeps learning new skills while being connected to wi-fi. Users need an iOS or Android compatible device to run Vector.

You can buy Vector at Amazon.com at an amazing deal price of $174.99 currently (Original MRP $249.99).

Lynx Robot by UBTECH

lynx-home-robotLynx is an Amazon Alexa enabled smart home robot. Users can enjoy Alexa features via Lynx which is a perfect companion for its human friends.

In Avatar mode, Lynx allows you to see, hear, and speak via the robot irrespective of your physical location.

In surveillance mode, Lynx can actively monitor your home environment and even take pictures to craft memories.

Like Vector, Lynx too tends to become smarter with use and keeps adding new skills and knowledge to its kitty.

You can buy Lynx at a price of $799 on Amazon.com. There is no discount being offered on the product currently.

Machines have become an integrated part of human life and with continuous innovations in artificial intelligence and robotics, it is not surprising if these robots become just like family.


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