Tips to Retain Human Intelligence in Machine and Technology Dominant World


Research studies all over the world have documented a significant decline in human intelligence levels in the past few years, and with the rise of machines and technology in human life, the human grey cells are only going to get lazier.

Are you still not convinced with my statement?

Well, let me give you an example.

If I ask you to tell me what is one tenth of 1000, what are you going to do:

a) Calculate verbally in your mind, 1/10*1000=100 and then after thinking for a while give me an answer


b) Pull out your mobile or laptop, open calculator or simply do this calculation on Google search. Once Google gives you the answer 100, you immediately let me know.

I am sure, if not all, at least 20% of you might be using the option (b) or if not exactly (b), some other version except (a).

You got it right, machines have made humans lazy.

Of course, I do not mind finding answers to my questions on Google, but there are some tasks which must be done religiously to keep our brains working.

We are so obsessed with managing our fitness goals on our mobile phone, that we simply forget to exercise daily. Only tracking foot-steps does the job!

While we struggle with ourselves to keep our brains sharper in this technology and machine dominant time, here are some tips to keep your brain active:

  1. Do simple calculations without a machine

Yes, please use some math in your life. If you can’t calculate verbally, grab a pen and paper, and count numbers. It will help your brain cells work and think, and thinking is a brain exercise!

2. Get yourself ample sleep

One of the biggest mistakes 21st century humans end up with is to cut down on their sleep, only to work on their so called machines. You are a human, not a machine. Even a machine like mobile needs to charge! Your sleep is charging for your brain. So get at least 8 hours of sound sleep daily!

3.  Eat healthy food

Heard about “GIGO” in technology – “Garbage in, garbage out?” The same applies to human body. If you want to stay fit, eat healthy and nutritious food. What counts healthy and nutritious for the brain? We have germinated sprout seeds (gram and pulses), soaked almonds, green and leafy vegetables, and fruits!

4. Think about past events

One of the smartest tricks that I have personally used to boost my memory is to recall the past events in the reverse order. At one time I was unable to trace my office keys. So, I sat quietly for few minutes, closed my eyes and recalled the sequence of events in a reverse order. I got the answer, and traced my keys in minutes.

5. Do something differently

If you brush using your left hand, use your right one. If you do something one way, try a different way. I was told this trick by a Professor in Human Anatomy. She said doing so activates the neural tracts and helps in regeneration of neuron cells, especially in old age.

Spend more time with other humans

At last, please spend more time in the company of other humans! Yes, leave that smartphone or laptop for some time, and talk to a neighbor or a friend or your parents!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Please post your feedback!


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