Use Paypal for Freelancing in India

Good News for all Freelancers and Bloggers in India. Now, you can use the most trusted Payment app worldwide ‘PayPal’ to receive payment from your customers and clients.

In an unprecedented move, PayPal has become more customer-friendly than ever. Earlier, PayPal was exclusively used to make or receive overseas payment. But now, even Indian bloggers can use the same for their benefits.

Significant PayPal Features for Freelancers in India

#1) FIRC Proof

FIRC (Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate) is an important document that can be used as a valid evidence of all inward remittances and payments received in India and abroad. Indian authorities accept it as a valid proof that an individual or company or a partnership firm and others, has received money in hard currency other than INR from outside India.

When a freelancer receives payments from overseas clients, FIRC is a mandatory document in such circumstances. PayPal facilitates easy “SIGN UP” process through which you can directly register yourself to it. Simply send an email request and some other necessary details to PayPal to get started. FIRC is your one-step towards receiving hassle-free payment from your client straight into your bank account via NEFT.

For all FIRC account holders, PayPal has announced 50% discount on its one-time membership fee. Also, you don’t need to register yourself again and again, simply register yourself at the site once and avail all the benefits at one go.

#2) Get Paid Instantly

Once your work is approved then you can easily receive the payment from PayPal. Sign up at PayPal to grab more benefits and services. Share your link to get payment directly into your account through electronic processing.

You can opt for PayPal invoicing for more effective fund transfer. Create custom invoice in no time using PayPal app, and schedule it to time when you wish to send the same to your client. It’s fully safe, secure and cent per cent fraud protected process.

#3) Email Payments

Now the process of receiving payment has become easier and more flawless than before. Receive your payment swifter using email payment. You just need your client’s email id to send a payment request, and receive the same in Indian INR once your client approves the payment.

#4) Link

Using a single PayPal.Me id, you can now join this group and get payment for your work from any part of the globe. You can grab numerous projects with the confidence of paypal personalized links. Also, you can make payment to people worldwide directly from your PayPal id. An estimate says that PayPal has around a few million customers in India alone.

PayPal is now operating in more than 200 nations at its full swings. In fact, it is one of the most widely used apps by freelancers worldwide. It got a turnover of around 8 billion in 2017. The future trajectory of PayPal is in its upward curve, and is likely to get higher turnover in India in the next few days.


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