The Power of Positivity

Every one of us knows the importance of Positivity and how it could transform our lives. But remains to be discovered are its scientific explanations. A Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto conducted a very important experiment where he tried to demonstrate how positive words affect our lives for good.

The documentary video is available online. Emote did intense research on the molecular science of water. He was a great believer of spirituality too. His frequent experiments with water often drew flak from his fellow colleagues and other scientists as well. Dr. Emoto tried to divide water into glasses and exposing the same to words, music and pictures.

How Did Emoto Conduct His Experiment?

Emoto would freeze the water and observed its results carefully. And soon he found that the water structure mainly depended on its outer layering. It can be better illustrated with an example; Once he exposed water to classical music, and another to heavy metal music for equal hours.

After a relapse of the certain hours, the scientist observed that the water that was exposed to the harmonious and classical music, the molecules of the same depicted balanced snowflakes, while the water that was exposed to heavy metal music transformed to polluted water with no shapes.

Emoto’s I Love You Experiment

Then Emoto experimented with I Love You Placard. He took two jars and pasted ‘I Love You’ and ‘I Hate You’ as outer labels on both of these. After 2-3 days, he observed that water in the jar having ‘I Love You’ label had the water in organized shape and symmetrical crystals while the water in ‘I hate you’ jar got filled with polluted molecules.

Certainly, it was the intangible power of positivity that was making difference. Now, just think if ‘Power of Positivity’ can bring so much change in water jar then how it could transform human lives for good.

What Masaru Emoto Believed In

Apart from analyzing the positive impacts of events and substances in human lives, the scientist also found water from various sources or streams will have different molecular structures. You can easily trace the differences of water crystals through these pictures and photographs of Emoto.

Definitely, crystals of water looked quite different when exposed to different form of music. Water results differently in different situations. Play Mozart’s soothing music, the water will react in a different way and play hard metal the water will behave more aggressively.

The Hidden Connotation of Emoto’s Evocative Experiments

  • Stay around positive people.
  • Exposing yourself to positive people and words could do wonder in your life.
  • Negative people will undermine your positive thoughts and fill your mind with negative feelings and hatred.
  • Humans are by nature adaptable to changes around them.
  • We should spread positive messages around us.
  • Don’t use harsh words towards anyone as it may prompt you to use such words more frequently.

Try to speak more positive words in life such as thank you, welcome, sorry, like, love and others. Also, never miss an opportunity to appreciate others for their accomplishments using complimentary words.

Finally, stay positive be thankful to God for witnessing a bright new dawn of today. Gradually, this feeling of joy will beget love and happiness all around bringing smiles to the faces of your near and dear ones as well as strangers.


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