A Computer that Beats Super-Computers

What American theoretical physicist Richard Feynman in 1982 conceived about Quantum Computer is about to meet its culmination soon. Quantum computer is set to transcend everyone and everything with its astonishing high speed in the near future.

Literally, it is the only computer that has the capability to beat super computers. IT giant IBM has already started working on it and made it worked on IBM Cloud so that any user can take advantage of the same using desktop or smartphones.

Computers quantum

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This computer can be literally called Qubit computer. Quantum computers are completely different from the rest. They have different software too called QISKIT (Quantum Software Development Kit) for its operation. IBM sources has pointed out that such is the capacity of IBM’s 5-Qubit computer that it can even simulate substances like Hydrogen or other gas.

Giant Leap in Quantum Computing

A Quantum computer allows two qubits to compute four states (00, 01, 10 or 11) at the same time because of its highly developed software. Anyone working on such computers can definitely feel the difference. Around two million different live experiments have already been conducted until now by the IBM R&D team. Quantum computer is set to redefine the entire process of SEO, AI, Machine Learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing) amongst other things.

Other IT majors like Samsung, JP Morgan Chase and Co. and Daimler AG have also joined hands with IBM for further research on Quantum Computing. Scientists are of the view that Quantum Computer will not only work faster than supercomputers of previous generation but it will also help human brains to learn the art of solving bigger mathematical problems at one go. Amidst all speculations, it is necessary to reveal that Quantum Computer won’t replace normal computers in the days ahead.

Latest Research Activities On Quantum Computers

  • China is building an exclusive research center for quantum applications. Also, The National Laboratory for Quantum Information Sciences is being developed to be opened in the next couple of years.
  • Chinese quantum satellite successfully processed communication from space to ground over a distance of 1200 km or more.
  • Princeton University Scientists have developed a rice-grain-sized laser passing through artificial atoms also called quantum dots. So, quantum computer is relevant to semiconductor materials too.
  • Intel is also proactively developing quantum chips to make sure that future quantum computers work efficaciously through these chips. It has incorporated its spin qubits on its 300 mm process technology.
Cloud computing Quantum computers

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Some Salient Points About Quantum Computers

  • These equipments will be highly sensitive to outer atmosphere.
  • Quantum computers will have to be kept in rooms where temperature is zero.
  • Standard consumption of electricity by a quantum computer to cool down will be around 10 to 15 Kws of power.
  • The main challenge is to integrate more and more qubits to silicon chips. Qubits enhance the amount of heat radiation that such computers will emit, but these qubits are necessary let the system work well.

The Conclusion

Quantum computing will basically work on the principles of quantum physics. IBM is specifically designing quantum computer for people at large. The company has started researching on quantum computing as early as 1972. IBM uses superconducting to make sure that electromagnetic energy moving clockwise and anticlockwise make up a qubit in no time.

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The aim of IBM scientist is to let quantum computer operate with 50 to 100 Qubits and it could be a gigantic leap forward in the world of technology and computers. A quantum computer can do a humongous amount of calculations within a fraction of second. However, it is more suitable for big data analyses. Smaller the problems and algorithms to solve, more time it will take to complete the same.

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