Some Essential Safety Tips for Pedestrians

Globally speaking, around 1.3-million people die in road crashes every year. The statistics further says that additional 40-50 million people sustained heavy injuries each year. Is there any way to prevent such a disastrous trend? The answer is yes.

Interestingly, not all accidents are caused due to negligence or inability of the driver riding the vehicles. Some accident and mishaps involving pedestrians also happen because of the latter’s ignoring of traffic rules or over-engagement with devices and gadgets.

Top 8 Safety Rules Every Pedestrians Must Follow

#1) Forget Headphones: Headphones are certainly becoming the death trap for the youths. Once they put that device over their head, it literally becomes impossible to listen to the vehicle’s horns. So, once you are on road, don’t put headphones on.

#2) Follow Traffic Rules: Unintentionally, Pedestrians invited dangers by ignoring traffic rules. It shouldn’t be done. When red light is on, it means a pedestrian has to wait. Once it shows green, then pedestrians can walk or cross the roads without any worry.

#3)   Night-Time Travelling: When a person or commuter is walking at night, then he should carry flashlight with himself. If a speeding vehicle fails to notice the passenger, then he should flash the torch to show that he needs help.

#4) Avoid Staying Near to Stationary Vehicles: Many times drivers unknowingly speed over pedestrians while back-riding their vehicles. So, pedestrians will have to stay away from buses, parked cars and other vehicles while crossing.

#5) Sidewalk or Footpath: As per the nomenclature, it is fully safe for pedestrians to stroll on sidewalk or footpaths only. Never try to walk in the middle of the roads amidst so many speeding vehicles. If you come across Zebra Crossing then act according to traffic signals only.

#6) Caution while Crossing a Street: While crossing a Street, you should carefully see left, right and then proceed. No matter what the traffic signal is indicating, still there are some rude and aggressive drivers who are always in a hurry. So, it is highly advisable that you must see all sides of road before crossing the same.

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#7) No Selfie or Facebook Live on Busy Streets: Keep facebook and social media out of your life as long as you are on the street. With a sudden rise in selfie deaths across countries, all pedestrians are strictly avoided and warned not to use facebook while on streets. And never try to use Facebook live either. Social Media could literally endanger your life!

#8) Say No to Drunk Driving: Even though, some countries permit consumption of liquor in moderation while driving, yet it should be avoided at all cost. According to National Center for Statistics and Analysis (NHTSA), 32 percent of all pedestrian fatalities happen late night when drivers are drunk. They not only endanger the lives of themselves but of the pedestrians as well.

The Conclusion

Statistically, 90% of road hazards take place in low and middle-income nations having less than 50% of the world’s vehicles and equipment. Therefore, a pedestrian’s safety is of paramount importance.

Hence, it is important that all pedestrians should exercise maximum caution while walking on the busy streets. They must avoid distractions of all sorts as well.

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