A tempered glass saved me USD 1400

Having a broken screen for an iPhone 7 Plus can be a deadly affair, especially when you have invested nearly USD 1400 to buy a 128GB version. My decision to invest USD 15 for a tempered glass on my iphone screen vested profits when I accidentally dropped my phone on the floor. When I picked up my phone, the screen looked brittle and my heart started pacing with a fear that I just broke down my screen.

I decided to take a deep breathe and paid a visit to a nearby retail shop with my phone. The salesperson glanced at the phone and said that my phone screen should be safe since the tempered glass was on. The guy still said, “most likely your screen is safe.” With a little hesitation and hoping for the best, I decided to replace the broken tempered glass with a new one.

After billing for the new tempered glass was done, the shop executive was ready to replace the glass. On removing the old glass, I was amazed to find that my iPhone screen was 100% safe, and it was the tempered glass which was broken (check photo of the broken tempered glass below).

Broken Tempered Glass

Broken Tempered Glass


After this personal experience with using tempered glass, I advise everyone to invest some money in adding a tempered glass to your phone. A small investment can save you from a huge loss.

Tips for Buying a Tempered Glass for your Phone:

  • Prefer quality over price:

When you have invested in a premium technology device such as iPhone, it is not logical to bargain for a tempered glass. It is advisable to buy a quality product from a genuine company that is customized for your phone model.

  • Features:

Look for product features such as high purity glass, optically clear, fully tempered, heat strengthened, rounded edges, sensitive touch control, water and dust resistance and scratch resistance.

Buy Tempered Glass Online

You may choose to buy a tempered glass online. It saves time and is convenient too!

Here are a list of sellers offering tempered glass on Amazon:




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