How to make a video from a ppt in Microsoft Power Point 2013?

Woah. Did you know that you can create a powerful MPEG video with the help of Microsoft Power Point software? Yes, you read it right. Create a MPEG video with the help of Power Point slides (Microsoft Power Point 2013)! Let me show you how:

1. Create the content for the video on Microsoft Power Point as slides. Each slide should have the desired content which you want to see in the video.

Step 1: Creating slides for video on Power Point 2013

2. Add the required animations for the text on slides so that the text looks attractive in the video.

Step 2: Adding animation on text in slides

3. Add a background sound of your choice.

Go to insert option and select insert audio.  Next, select the audio of your choice from your pc or record in real time. You can select play across slides, rewind after playing and play in background option so that the audio keeps playing with the video automatically.

Step 3: Adding music to the video

4. Saving the power point as MPEG 4 video.

Now when you have all the slides with animations or content you wanted, and the music added, it is time to save your ppt as a mpeg 4 video. Go to save as option on file menu section and select save as MPEG4 video. Wait until the video is saved and you will be surprised with the results!

Step 4: Saving power point as MPEG4 video

Have a look at how the video looks for the presentation I saved as a MPEG4 Video:

Thank you for reading.

I hope you found this helpful.


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