How to Know If Your Child has been Sexually Abused at School

How to Know If Your Child has been Sexually Abused at School

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A school is the first phase of socialization for any kid, but beware; antisocial elements could be found in schools too. Yes, such crass-mentality people can do anything to any kid at broad daylight. The best way to ensure the safety of your kids is by disclosing them what they are ought to know for their protection.Child abuse is something that is quite frequent in schools. Even some teachers and school officials often indulge in such nefarious activities with cruel intentions.

It is relatively very difficult to trace out whether your child has been really sexually abused or not. There are two types of child abuses; one that involves direct touching and groping and another is sexually harassing them emotionally.

A direct sexual harassment of the kid is life-threatening and every parent needs to tackle the issue with an iron hand. Take your child to the nearby hospital to ensure that no serious damage has been done to his/ her private parts. Then you must stop sending your kids to the school and bring the unfortunate event straight to the notice of law enforcement agency so that the culprit shall be incarcerated.

In case, the person tries to harass your kid in an indirect manner then you need to stay cautious, and ensure that the child doesn’t meet that man or woman in future. Yes, perpetrators can be anybody men or women. Gender has nothing to do with it. A Cruel Intention is something that every parent has to stay cautious about.

Your Kid has Been Sexually Abused at Schools: Key Indicators

  1. Pain in Mouth or Genitals with or without discharges.
  2. Discoloration in the genital region.
  3. Pain during urinating.
  4. A sudden change in their behavior.
  5. Unexplained bruises, abrasions, black eyes and other injuries.

These are the serious indicators that your child has been sexually abused. It requires immediate treatment by a team of qualified and experienced doctors. You should encourage your child to spill the beans as what and how it happened so that doctors and law enforcement personnel could take appropriate action on an urgent basis.

Your Kid Has Mentally Faced the Agony of a Child Abuse

Perpetrators not always enter into physical contact with a child directly. He often follows a certain pattern and tries to first do friendship with the kid.

During such an interaction, he or she often does a lot of activities which are a clear indicator of the imminent sexual threat that the kid faces.

Such activities Include But Not Limited To:

  1. Playing Pornographic films in front of a kid.
  2. Showing his genitals to a child.
  3. Snapping pictures of the child in nude.
  4. Encouraging a child to watch adult films.

Parents have to stay watchful of these behaviors at school. Not meeting with the strangers won’t serve the purpose as the perpetrator can be a servant, teacher or any other person at the school.

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If a kid comes home with a sign of any mental worry or depression then the matter should be properly investigated. Since a child is emotionally abused so his behavior is bound to remain something different after the trauma.

Emotional Child Abuse of a Kid: Key Indicators

  1. A sudden change in a kid’s talking abilities.
  2. The child becomes silent.
  3. Excessive fear of going to school or meeting a particular person.
  4. An aggressive behavior on and off.
  5. Nightmare and change in sleep patterns.
  6. The kid wishes to stay alone most of the time.
  7. Depression, anxiety and unusual fears with a constant loss of self-esteem.
  8. Poor appetite.
  9. Poor hygiene.
  10. Lack of concentration in studies and sports.

There is a rule that parents should always behave like friends when talking to children. Openness and frankness are the two cornerstones of a parent-child relationship. You should be as much friendlier to your child that he or she should tell you each and everything.

Once you have identified the potential child abuse signs symptoms, your next step will be to take the child to a qualified doctor and psychiatrists for further treatment and counseling purposes.

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