10 Great Tips for Better Time Management

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We have everything but only thing that we lack these days is the time. So, time management is essential to a happy living. A day might be consisting of 24-hour but subtracting 8-hour of sleep from our daily routine, we are left with just 16 hours per day. Now, we have to manage our work and household stuff within this time frame.

Procrastination and irregular time table of our daily life schedules make it important to chalk out appropriate strategy for better time management. Easier said than done. A lot of people no matter how punctual they are in real lives tend to fail where time management matters.

#1) Schedule: Waking up in the morning, the first thing that you should do is to write your schedule on a pen and paper. Mention all the necessary things that you will do in the rest of the day. It includes essential meeting with clients or visiting new places (as per the demand of the job) and keep an expected time for these events. Eventually, at the work front, you will realise the actual deviation of these works so as to allocate more time for such works in future.

#2) Think it: Every action should precede with a thought. So, give a considerable time to think how you will spend the rest of the day.

#3) Analyze Each call and meet: Immediately, after any meet or telephone calls, you should analyze whether the meet or calls were productive or not. If these calls were not productive then you have to analyse what went wrong.

#4) Less time on social media and emails: You don’t need to answer to every petty email. Keep it reserved only for important messages. Also, try to spend lesser time on facebook. In recent times, social media has emerged out as the leading cause of distraction at workplace.

#5) Keep a pocket calendar: Keeping a pocket calendar is important to make sure that don’t miss out any important dates. You can also use Google calendar feature on your smartphone and tablet with an alarm to keep reminding you about new meets and events.

#6) Never Fail Deadlines: Many often, we don’t take deadlines seriously. But it is utmost important to treat each deadline with utmost respect. It not only ensures better time management but also lets you know how many things you can do within the deadline.

#7) Early Sleep and Wake up: Never compromise on your early morning schedule. Your goal should be to wrap your work early so that you can go to bed early in the night and then eventually after a good 8-hour sleep, you can wake up early in the morning feeling refreshed and healthy.

#8) keeping a tab on time: If you wish to follow your time management carefully then keeping an eye on clock or watch is necessary. Sometimes, we stayed focused on our work to such an extent that we forget the time factor. A clock or wrist watch with frequent alarms will keep reminding you whenever you go overtime.

#9) Learn the art of Prioritizing: Well, you can’t do all stuff and everything in a single day. You have to prioritise each activity in order of their merit and importance. High priority works are the ones on which you need to give your maximum attention to.

#10) Stay fit and eat Healthy: A lot of time often goes in vain due to health issues. So, your effort should be towards staying fit and fine. It will help you keeping illness at bay while saving your valuable time from falling sick.

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