How to Know If Your Child has been Sexually Abused at School

How to Know If Your Child has been Sexually Abused at School
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A school is the first phase of socialization for any kid, but beware; antisocial elements could be found in schools too. Yes, such crass-mentality people can do anything to any kid at broad daylight. The best way to ensure the safety of your kids is by disclosing them what they are ought to know for their protection.Child abuse is something that is quite frequent in schools. Even some teachers and school officials often indulge in such nefarious activities with cruel intentions.

It is relatively very difficult to trace out whether your child has been really sexually abused or not. There are two types of child abuses; one that involves direct touching and groping and another is sexually harassing them emotionally.

A direct sexual harassment of the kid is life-threatening and every parent needs to tackle the issue with an iron hand. Take your child to the nearby hospital to ensure that no serious damage has been done to his/ her private parts. Then you must stop sending your kids to the school and bring the unfortunate event straight to the notice of law enforcement agency so that the culprit shall be incarcerated.

In case, the person tries to harass your kid in an indirect manner then you need to stay cautious, and ensure that the child doesn’t meet that man or woman in future. Yes, perpetrators can be anybody men or women. Gender has nothing to do with it. A Cruel Intention is something that every parent has to stay cautious about.

Your Kid has Been Sexually Abused at Schools: Key Indicators

  1. Pain in Mouth or Genitals with or without discharges.
  2. Discoloration in the genital region.
  3. Pain during urinating.
  4. A sudden change in their behavior.
  5. Unexplained bruises, abrasions, black eyes and other injuries.

These are the serious indicators that your child has been sexually abused. It requires immediate treatment by a team of qualified and experienced doctors. You should encourage your child to spill the beans as what and how it happened so that doctors and law enforcement personnel could take appropriate action on an urgent basis.

Your Kid Has Mentally Faced the Agony of a Child Abuse

Perpetrators not always enter into physical contact with a child directly. He often follows a certain pattern and tries to first do friendship with the kid.

During such an interaction, he or she often does a lot of activities which are a clear indicator of the imminent sexual threat that the kid faces.

Such activities Include But Not Limited To:

  1. Playing Pornographic films in front of a kid.
  2. Showing his genitals to a child.
  3. Snapping pictures of the child in nude.
  4. Encouraging a child to watch adult films.

Parents have to stay watchful of these behaviors at school. Not meeting with the strangers won’t serve the purpose as the perpetrator can be a servant, teacher or any other person at the school.

child kid abuse
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If a kid comes home with a sign of any mental worry or depression then the matter should be properly investigated. Since a child is emotionally abused so his behavior is bound to remain something different after the trauma.

Emotional Child Abuse of a Kid: Key Indicators

  1. A sudden change in a kid’s talking abilities.
  2. The child becomes silent.
  3. Excessive fear of going to school or meeting a particular person.
  4. An aggressive behavior on and off.
  5. Nightmare and change in sleep patterns.
  6. The kid wishes to stay alone most of the time.
  7. Depression, anxiety and unusual fears with a constant loss of self-esteem.
  8. Poor appetite.
  9. Poor hygiene.
  10. Lack of concentration in studies and sports.

There is a rule that parents should always behave like friends when talking to children. Openness and frankness are the two cornerstones of a parent-child relationship. You should be as much friendlier to your child that he or she should tell you each and everything.

Once you have identified the potential child abuse signs symptoms, your next step will be to take the child to a qualified doctor and psychiatrists for further treatment and counseling purposes.


10 Great Tips for Better Time Management

time management
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We have everything but only thing that we lack these days is the time. So, time management is essential to a happy living. A day might be consisting of 24-hour but subtracting 8-hour of sleep from our daily routine, we are left with just 16 hours per day. Now, we have to manage our work and household stuff within this time frame.

Procrastination and irregular time table of our daily life schedules make it important to chalk out appropriate strategy for better time management. Easier said than done. A lot of people no matter how punctual they are in real lives tend to fail where time management matters.

#1) Schedule: Waking up in the morning, the first thing that you should do is to write your schedule on a pen and paper. Mention all the necessary things that you will do in the rest of the day. It includes essential meeting with clients or visiting new places (as per the demand of the job) and keep an expected time for these events. Eventually, at the work front, you will realise the actual deviation of these works so as to allocate more time for such works in future.

#2) Think it: Every action should precede with a thought. So, give a considerable time to think how you will spend the rest of the day.

#3) Analyze Each call and meet: Immediately, after any meet or telephone calls, you should analyze whether the meet or calls were productive or not. If these calls were not productive then you have to analyse what went wrong.

#4) Less time on social media and emails: You don’t need to answer to every petty email. Keep it reserved only for important messages. Also, try to spend lesser time on facebook. In recent times, social media has emerged out as the leading cause of distraction at workplace.

#5) Keep a pocket calendar: Keeping a pocket calendar is important to make sure that don’t miss out any important dates. You can also use Google calendar feature on your smartphone and tablet with an alarm to keep reminding you about new meets and events.

#6) Never Fail Deadlines: Many often, we don’t take deadlines seriously. But it is utmost important to treat each deadline with utmost respect. It not only ensures better time management but also lets you know how many things you can do within the deadline.

#7) Early Sleep and Wake up: Never compromise on your early morning schedule. Your goal should be to wrap your work early so that you can go to bed early in the night and then eventually after a good 8-hour sleep, you can wake up early in the morning feeling refreshed and healthy.

#8) keeping a tab on time: If you wish to follow your time management carefully then keeping an eye on clock or watch is necessary. Sometimes, we stayed focused on our work to such an extent that we forget the time factor. A clock or wrist watch with frequent alarms will keep reminding you whenever you go overtime.

#9) Learn the art of Prioritizing: Well, you can’t do all stuff and everything in a single day. You have to prioritise each activity in order of their merit and importance. High priority works are the ones on which you need to give your maximum attention to.

#10) Stay fit and eat Healthy: A lot of time often goes in vain due to health issues. So, your effort should be towards staying fit and fine. It will help you keeping illness at bay while saving your valuable time from falling sick.

Why There Are No More Einsteins & Edisons Today?

Why There Are No More Einsteins & Edisons Today?
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Inquisitiveness is the stepping stone towards success. All great scientists and inventors had that quintessential fire in their bellies to succeed and contribute their bit to the world. This eventually helped them cross all hurdles at ease reaching a pinnacle of success.

Those were the days when research meant true observation of nature, environment and things around us. There was no internet, social media or even such a humongous amount of publications that we see around us these days. However, despite all the modern day facilities, there are now no more Einsteins and Edisons today.

Somewhere the essence of innovation and observation is lost in this mechanized era. Now, people don’t have much patience to observe things that happen in our daily lives and question them. The success of Einstein, other scientists, and inventors, was their desires to add values and meaning to the lives of the people. Contrarily, these days, most people are self-centered and don’t have time to think about others.

The quality of Thinking has deteriorated now!

There was a time when people had to discover newer and newer things from limited resources unlike today when lesser and lesser things are being discovered despite having all the amenities. Obviously, the quality of thinking has deteriorated badly in the last few decades. Both schools and colleges have failed to inculcate right values and level of thinking among students.

Mediocrity as the new norm now. If you are too much intellectual then you might stand alone sans any friends. The ensuing cut-throat competition and survival battle in our daily lives have shifted our focus to a basic question than trying something new and unprecedented.

Why There Are No More Einsteins & Edisons Today?
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Edison once said that he didn’t consider his 10,000 times failure to discover a thing as a letdown rather he construed it as his personal success to have found out 10,000 ways that a thing won’t work. Does the current generation have that much patience and perseverance to carry on with experience without any guarantee of success? Of course not.

Disseminating the Rights Thoughts and Values in Our Future Generation

We definitely need to infuse a fresh zeal of intellectualism in our gen next. We shouldn’t content ourselves with mediocrity rather we must inculcate the appropriate education in a future generation that they should be able to do things in a creative manner independently.

Enhancing creative thinking among people can be accomplished in two ways; the first one is to let a person explore his inner calling and tries several things and generates as many ideas as he can. Thereafter, he should pursue an idea that he finds suitable.

The second option is to let a person link several of his thoughts into one and then find a meaningful solution to it. Many famous inventors used this approach. Even the great Einstein found a close relationship between trains and the motion of light in his iconic theory of relativity. Exchange of thoughts and creativity is utmost important to develop a perfect scientific temper among the people.

Scientists science
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Most importantly, irrespective of what we study and where we study, our individual desire to discover something exceptional and extraordinary is vital. All great scientists have succeeded because of their personal wish to change the norm of the society for which they stood alone focusing full time and attention on inventions and research. Some of these famous scientists include the names of Galileo, Copernicus, Thomas Alva Edison, Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton among others.

Why Women Need to Trust Themselves More

Women confidence trust
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Women can do everything. From reaching the moon to scaling mountains – they are well capable of doing even the laborious unconventional tasks that were not meant to be. In the 21st century, women have to leverage the opportunity, scope and logical thinking in their favor.

Instead, women’s trust factor within themselves is somewhere lost in the battle of feminism and political upmanship. On the contrary, Women really need to trust themselves more rather than looking up to others for their own socio-economic development and well-being.

During the last US Presidential Elections 2016, the entire world prayed for the then US Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton’s victory out of emotion since the US has elected no female president ever in the history.

However, she was a non-performer and controversial figure. From deletion of emails from the official server to mishandling of Libyan crisis (When the US embassy was burnt down in Benghazi in 2012), the then secretary of the state Hillary Clinton has completely failed to manage those crises.

Even, Hillary Clinton once advocated for a child rapist in a 1975 court case and successfully defended him too. Yet, she still preaches for child rights and women empowerment and has an enormous fan support too.

So, nothing is translucent. Everything aspect has its black and white aspect too. Rather than putting blind faith in somebody, women need to empower themselves individually with right thoughts, education and self-defense techniques to lead a good, safe and dignified life.

Why Are Women Losing Trust on Others?

  • The deceitful behavior of men.
  • Exploitation at a workplace.
  • Rampant Domestic Violence.
  • Relegating the status of a woman by another woman.
  • The gap of Gender Parity still exists.
  • Unequal pay for same work (Income inequality between men and women)
  • Many women have inherent tendency to consider every other person as a potential aggressor leading to their lack of trust in others.
trust women confidence
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Why Should Women Now Stop Blaming Others?

You can’t take the world so naively. It has several people having different thought processes and intentions. Though not everyone is an inherent criminal or male chauvinist, but your own safety and well-being are paramount.

You can’t always blame the law enforcement agency for everything. Common, you have to behave rationally too. Here is the checklist for every woman;

  • Don’t consider marriage as the “end of life” or beginning of a “heavenly journey”. It’s just a phase of life, accept it gracefully.
  • Marital rape and domestic violence should be vehemently opposed from the day one.
  • You should have enough education and skills to lead a happy life.
  • Any physical harassment at an office or public place should be dealt with an iron hand at an appropriate forum.
  • Learning same self-defense techniques could be extremely helpful to fightback incase of a threat.
  • Never settle for anything lesser than equal pay for equal work. Fight for it or else start your own business venture and be an example for others to follow.
  • Finally, discourage people, be it men or women, who try to demean your accomplishment and discourage you too often.

Women have to believe in themselves. Trusting oneself is the beginning of a social change. Be good, strong and rational. Women need to trust themselves more rather than blaming others for exploitation.

confidence trust women
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The aftermath of Second World War saw a massive development in women’s self-confidence and self-belief as they had to raise their children sans male members. Always consider yourself independent and keep your confidence level high – that’s all.

We are Humans First; No Job Is Big or Small

Equal Jobs equal respect
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“If you think you’re too big for small jobs, may be you’re too small for big jobs” – Gecko and Fly

The world is a unique place. Everyone has to work to survive here. Some people accomplish much more than what they want or deserve, while some have to stay satisfied with a meager amount of income and things that they get after hard work. And then we have some other people also who languish to get even their two times meal a day.

The question is not about an income equality, but about the psychological trauma that people doing menial jobs feel day in and day out, which is in itself a complete distraction from the universal truth of human rights and equality, liberty, and fraternity. In countries like Japan, what one does for the nation is all that matters. Collective Consciousness to make the nation proud is a feeling that is inside all the workers.

Work is Worship: Respect the Thought

In its simple philosophy, a work is a worship. Whatever you do with full dedication you are adding your essence to the world. It is the people’s hackneyed perception that classifies a Job as a big or small. Many often, people categorize these jobs in terms of the pay that a worker earns. Now, just imagine if everyone is doing the same works – can the world survive?

Of course, not. Suppose every other person is working as an engineer at a reputed MNC, then what will happen to the writers, doctors, CA, Lawyers and others? Or take it this way – if all of us are busy with an intellectual occupation then who will become a waiter, barber, cobbler, retailer or a sweeper? Certainly, it will make our lives more difficult than ever.

Our Humanity is our First Identity – Occupation Comes Next

Just like two individuals can’t be same, similarly, not everyone can choose the same career. It depends upon several other factors as well including one’s own individual capacity, skills, family compulsion and personal choice as well.

Long time back, someone has said it right that “each according to the need and each according to merit”. Certainly, whatever we do in life should receive ample respect and dignity from the people all around.

If you are a sweeper then it doesn’t mean you are doing anything to feel ashamed of. In fact, you are contributing to the society and participating in the nation-building exercise in no lesser term than a learned person with an elite profession.

Social equality jobs job
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The idea is to live and let live others. Everyone has a fundamental right to live with full liberty, dignity, and respect. So, we must respect all the people around us irrespective of their professions. In developed countries such as the United States and Japan, “Equal respect for all jobs” is the guiding philosophy for them. It has its own relevance too – if we had to all menial and petty jobs by ourselves then it would have been impossible for us to dedicate enough time towards the careers that we love.