Top 10 Impacts of Music on Human Life

Top 6 Impacts of Music on Human Life

Ever since the evolution of mankind on this planet, music has continued to remain a vital force behind the unity of the people. People feel more connected to each other whenever like-minded songs are played. Whether you take an example of a song or simply a musical composition, both will have an underlying positive message that is to motivate the listeners and drive them to do something big for the nation.

Hardly, you will find someone who doesn’t like music at all. Most of us love music in one way or the other. According to neuroscientist Daniel J Levitin, “By better understanding what music is and where it comes from, we may be able to better understand our motives, fears, desires, memories and even communication in the broadest sense.” He tried to analyse how music impacts our minds, body and souls.

Music soothes our hearts. It refreshes our minds and in fact, music can take us to a different world altogether. It makes us happy and keeps us stress-free too. Such is the charisma of music. Music impacts our lives in various ways.

Top 10 Most Important Impacts of Music on Human Life:

  1. Music and Health: It might sound surreal but music has a lot of positive energy. Listening to soothing tracks help us to treat anxiety while keeping our mood relaxed and calm. It is useful for therapeutic purpose too. Music also keeps us in cheerful and in good spirit.
  2. Music makes us smart: Music improves our personality. A beautiful track played on a moderate volume makes us smart while igniting our passions for creativity. In some rarest cases, music helps reviving people sustaining brain damages. One theory also says that those who learn music at a young age develop strong vocabulary powers and can easily handle non-verbal reasoning too.
  3. Sad Music is Effective too: Sad music has its own relevance. It evokes two kinds of emotions in human beings; felt emotions and perceived emotions. Sometimes, sad music makes a person feel more romantic and inspired than ever before.
  4. Music Can Strengthen Physical Relationship: Believe it or not, music can prove wonderful to enhance your libido factor. Music can definitely strengthen men having low testosterone to increase serotonin levels and perform better in bed at night.
  5. Music can boost your x-factor too: Music is definitely a mood buster. People can listen to various musical tracks and stay in good mood. However, various magazines also countered the argument saying happiness depends upon a number of facets such as personal relationship, health and many other factors. However, it is well established now that listening to good music can enhance one’s personality.
  6. Music as an expression of emotions and ideas: Music is an effective mode of communication. It reveals how a person feels at a certain time. The inspirational songs motivate the listeners and bring out the best in them at a given time.
  7. Music helps us connect with God: Music is the gift of God for humans. It is the medium to communicate with God. Music is an inherent aspect of spirituality in many religions.
  8. Soft Instrumental music: Soft instrumental music helps in soothing the mind. It is often used by service companies such as airlines and restaurants.
  9. Celebrations: Music is an integral part of celebrations such as marriages and festivals. Without music, one cannot imagine a festive procession.
  10. Entertainment: Music is the basis of all electronic entertainment such as movies, video games, television serials and so on. Without background music, no movie will be interesting to watch.

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