How Important are Children’s Drawing


It’s a peculiar fact that when Booby Kennedy took up his job at the Department of Justice, the first thing he did was to decorate his office with drawings made by his children.

This was strange because it was unheard of. It was also contradictory to what most office bearers at his position would do, which was to keep pictures or paintings that depicted reality with great detail or something that showcased some kind of important aesthetics.

So what’s so special about children’s drawings?

Today, people have come to become and behave in the most mechanical possible and this is getting harder and harder for those who cannot do so. So, to be successful today, one needs to fit the picture of being mechanized more intensively and those who do the best will be the ones who shall last in this changing time. This has forced us to leave behind or give up some or everything that we have associated with since childhood.

On the other hand, children are still free of the shackles that we have got for ourselves. Their drawings are a memorabilia of our childhood and bits of our personalities in exile. Those affections that we left behind in order to survive in this so called competition of lifestyle.

Another interesting thing about children’s drawings are their inaccuracy, totally different from what art was concerned to be earlier, which was to paint and draw in utmost accuracy. But because the children hardly care about accuracy, they are not concerned about how their drawings will look. This comforts an adult who is stuck in his self conscious mechanized life. It also reminds them of their true needs where we need to give no damn to conformity.

Children are today what we were yesterday, funny, free, careless, naïve and so on. Our lives have forced us to lose our innocence with excessive rationality. This rationality as Max Weber had said, is killing our emotions and making us merely machines of comfortability and prisoner of consciousness.

What’s worse is that sometimes we force our children to do what WE think is RIGHT. Children should be left to choose and do whatever they feel they should. If we really need to do something for them, then pushing them to pursue their dreams is what we must strive for. At the same time we must also restrain them from using excessive digital information, which will one day have a grievous impact on their lives.

Children must remain innocent of the world we have created. Their conscious must be kept away from ours, for we might spoil their childhood, as we know that it’s the only freedom they have from this so called ‘real’ world.

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