Do you know this about Crows?

What’s with crows we see around us all the time? Why don’t we like them and take them as bad omen?

Researchers and scientists say that human don’t like crows because crows are like human when it comes to survivability. They can think, they can react and they can live in adverse circumstances, just like humans.

Opportunistic Eaters

Crows are opportunistic eaters, so they eat whatever they can. From fish, corn, grains, fruits to left out food from garbage and meat, they can eat most of it.

Taste Buds

This reason is that they have fewer than 500 taste buds, while human have upto 10,000. Less number of taste buds makes it easier for him to eat not-so-tasty food.

Not only black

Most of us seem to have seen only black crows and thus we think crows are black, but that’s not true. If you see a crow from a different angle and rather carefully, you might notice different colors of feathers on the crow. Some are green, some purple, some blue and some black.

Family Bonds

Crows are known to have strong family bonds. There can be upto 50 crows in a family. Their family planning is similar to humans as their children stick around for a longer period of time with the parents, unlike most other birds. This research says is because crows have learned a lot from humans. They have learned to live alongside human for thousands of years. When cities were built, crows moved to cities just like humans and thus humans and crows are inseparable.

Expression of Emotions

Crows express their happiness, sadness and love with expressions. Parent crows are very careful with their children as they learn the deals of survivability. Learning to hunt food is an important lesson for crows to survive since all crows are not lucky enough to grow up to become mature.

Experimenting with food

Since crows have to live in proximity with humans, they try and test everything they encounter to know is they are eatable.


Crows have a distinct sound of language in which they communicate. There are different types of sound that crows use. Some for signaling danger and some for signaling food while some for social gatherings.


Crows are highly intelligent animals. They are capable of performing complex tasks like planning and calculating, just like humans. They show this quality by hiding their food somewhere else whenever they suspect another crow has seen it. They remember faces that treat them well and faces that treat them badly.

So, next you see a crow and look in its eyes, just smile.

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