Befikre – A lighthearted entertaining affair with a touch of France

If you have been eagerly waiting to watch Aditya Chopra’s Befikre ┬álike me, you will not be disappointed. As indicated in the promos, the movie begins with scenes of couples making out, and this continues for an entire title song sequence. I personally found it a bit too much of smooching at the beginning of a movie with A/U certificate rating.
The movie beautifully depicts the love story of Indian cultural mindset guy Dharam (Ranveer Singh) and French oriented Indian Shyra (Vaani Kapoor). The movie plays the tale much like Hum tum with defined time period and alternates between various phases. The initial phase is about a live-in relationship between Dharam and Shyra that lasts for 1 year, followed by a break-up phase. The break-up brings in a new phase of friendship between Dharam and Shyra, which eventually translates into love. It is when a decent financial guy enters the life of Shyra, and proposes to her for marriage, does Dharam realize his true love for her. The end of the movie – the way Dharam talks about Shyra in order to break her marriage was over-dramatic. At one instance, Dharam had called Shyra as a slut – which was sort of abrupt – I call it modernized abuse.
As far as acting performance is concerned, Ranveer did a brilliant performance throughout the film. It was evident that he had enjoyed playing his role. Vaani seemed confident too, but looked little nervous in comparison to Ranveer. She actually fumbled at one dialogue during her French tour scenes, but I guess that was intentionally left unedited.
Overall it was a great entertainer, and I enjoyed watching the movie till the end. The movie depicts the state of mind of singles who are confused about love, relationships and marriage, and tells them to have faith, and everything will work.

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