Self Driving Cars – A Reality or a Dream?



Call it a technological wonder or man-made catastrophe in the making but the debate on the reliability of a self-driven car has just started. One may see it as a major improvement and drastic step towards the future of the ongoing mechanized era but the applicability of self-driven cars is largely appearing to be a dilemma as of now.

Even the unimaginable scene of witnessing the vehicles running across the streets without a driver is frightening for the commuters and passers-by. However, companies like BMW, Mercedes and Tesla have already begun their experiments on this particular technology. So, next time you witness a driverless car roaming the streets of California or Florida you don’t need to feel panicky at all!

Some reports are doing the rounds in the national and international media that in the next couple of years, self-driven cars might make a big break. Approximately, 10-million cars and their corresponding technologies are already integrated in such a manner that they could move driverless using some sort of highly advanced robotics or artificial intelligence.

Technology giant, Google, had a word with media personnel a recent while back and all of them were given a joy ride on self-driven cars. Interestingly, no matter how conservative and old-fashioned people view this concept, as a matter of fact, it is actually aimed to preserve lives of the commuters by way of preventing road accidents using its highly advanced accident collision sensor. In short, self-driven cars are touted to be safer, speedier and smarter than the current human-driven cabs.

Exactly a few months back, nuTonomy, a firm founded by two automobile researchers from the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) surprised the world when they introduced self-driving taxi service in Singapore. With the overwhelming interest of the people in self-driven vehicles, its future seems quite rosy but any exaggeration could be a risky game.

Two-three things will hold a key to the success of these types of vehicles; Price, features and safety factors. Companies must look into these aspects before rolling-out such cars.

Another major controversial issue surrounding the self-driving cars is the autonomy factor. It is still ambiguous whether the vehicle will be completely autonomous or could humans also intervene in case of need?

The Conclusion

These cars are definitely good for a fantasy ride but could be fatal if it runs on the busiest streets of cities like London, Mumbai, Beijing, New York city, Hong Kong and Tokyo in the presence of countless commuters. The vehicle is still not enough customized to and follow traffic rules and regulations while ensuring safety of the people.

The spurt in the recent cases of self-driven car accidents involving Tesla brand has resulted in a lot of trust deficit among the people. But then there is Google which argues that sans human intervention, the vehicle could actually move better and prevent car accidents. Human errors cause more than 90% of car accidents across the world.

It’s difficult to say which version is right. So, let the debate continue. Only time will tell us the exact answer to it.

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