Why Trump Became the Most Powerful Man on Earth?



Disheartened and angry protestors have come out heavily across cities chanting ‘Not my President’ slogans against the recently elected President of the United States, Donald Trump.

The question these protestors are asking is ‘how did he win’?

The people of America who voted for Trump have sent a message to the ex-political establishments that they are fed up.

The struggling middle class, lower middle class feel that they are losing influence. Donald Trump has promised to ‘make America great again.’ Through his speeches he has connected and resonated with the working class by propagating the ideas of giving  jobs, stopping illegal migration and building walls. For years they have felt being ignored and overlooked by both major political parties.

CNN’s exit poll reveals nearly 60% of whites voted for Trump, including 53% white women. Young white men under 29 voted for Trump over Hillary Clinton. Even college students, both men and women, voted for him overlooking his controversial stands on various subjects.

The results had a clear indication of how Americans accepted the racial, religious and misogynistic views of Trump and were divided along political lines and morale.

Exit polls suggest 8% of African American voters, pointing out black Trump supporters who voted for him even after his remarks of black communities in worst shape – ever, ever, ever.

Moreover, Trump was supported by 29% Latino voters, an improvement of 2% over Mitt Romney.

Experts believe that his voters included those who voted him for his questionable remarks, while others voted despite of that. In his acceptance speech, Trump declared that he would rebuild infrastructure and give jobs to the people to make America great again. Ideas, to bring back jobs where there aren’t any resonated with people and thus he god votes from all across the domain.

It also comes down to the fact that there was no one to vote for. There are views that if Bernie Sanders was the candidate instead of Clinton, the results would be different. Clinton as chosen by the Democratic party over Bernie was “The corrupt candidate, the embodiment of the status quo that has declared the whole world a battlefield, was the candidate of sanity, the candidate for women. This grotesque campaigning for a candidate for a person who represented great rapacious power, has been probably the most eye-opening side to this.”

This is why, all his absurd and insensitive remarks on women, Muslims and migrants failed to stop his ascension to the White House. Donald Trump, the most controversial Republican candidate of the 21st century, has become the most powerful man on earth.

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