Section 377 – Arguments


Almost everyone who has had the opportunity to debate in favor of section 377 with those against it must for sure, have heard the arguments listed below..


     1. This activity is unnatural sex and against the laws of nature

     2. How can it be natural if the very reason of human existence, reproduction is not met       

 3. Homosexuals are a bunch of sex craving humans who are either nymphomaniacs or satyric

     4. Homosexuals are nothing but the ones who have been raped homo-sexually at a tender age

     5. It is forbidden in Indian Culture and Religions prevailing in our country

     6. Homosexuality is found only in Humans so its unnatural

     7. I just don’t want to waste my time talking about this shit (my personal favorite)


These are not all, but the ones which are majorly common across our country. I would very much love to talk out against each of the above points and put forth my argument. The reason I wish to do so, is not to ridicule or look down on the people who support section 377 rather just to opine myself as to how ignorant people are, or may be careless and irresponsible towards a lesser popular section of the society which is not strong enough to fight for its rights….. I will take the points one by one and put forth my argument, you can even comment your argument if you are unsatisfied and I’ll try to convince you if at all that’s possible. 


      What’s Natural or Unnatural?

    The most important argument of all! It’s hard to differentiate between the two, especially for those who think they know how the nature functions, because that would make them above it, unfortunately that’s not humanly possible. Humans are just a very small part of it, and now that we are so naughty, I wonder our god’s would be calling us all cliches and mistakes. Hmmm.. Let’s keep that debate for some other time.


So, natural and unnatural are nothing but two sides of the same coin (an expression) which are inseparable and can be justified simultaneously and thus a never ending debate.  In short, natural and unnatural, just for the sake of keeping within the purview of our discussion, can be understood keeping in mind the understanding of the human mind with evolution of cultures, religion, philosophy, the idea of politics and other such forms of human development across the world.


Putting it simply, what you see is natural may not be natural otherwise, or what you presume to be unnatural can be natural to the person sleeping and dreaming in your neighborhood. It’s just an acknowledgement of how you take the world around you and how you come to accept, reject and understand it. Sex, as a matter of fact cannot be termed as unnatural because it’s happening within the nature with the ones who are very much the part of it. In the same manner, the preference of the same sex is natural too. Just like it’s not necessary for everyone to be born healthy, fit, intelligent or so as per the general understanding of health across the world, it’s not necessary for the choices of sex (a natural activity) to be as per the generic preferences. Like it or not, it happens and will keep happening. And yes, it’s not that it came into existence last night, rather the history goes back to thousands of years, when roaming around naked was natural, which is not today. Today, if a man or a woman walks around naked, many, at the very first look will pronounce them mad or shamelsss or whatever comes into their minds to justify their sanity and that’s pretty much natural for us to act like that. In other words, it’s simply how you come to understand the world around you. Section 377 of the IPC (Indian Penal Code) is unfavorable to humans because its not a ban on an activity of boozing in public or having sex in public or raping someone or banning access to certain entertainment, rather it bans the right to choose a partner to love and be with and as rightly pointed out by actor Manoj Bajpai in an interview with NDTV, it’s about right to privacy and you cannot rule over anyone’s privacy. BTW, don’t forget to watch his upcoming movie Aligarh, based on the true story of a gay professor (now dead) of Aligarh Muslim Univeristy (AMU).


The idea of not being able to reproduce – Can’t reproduce, so unnatural. WTF?

This argument has always made me feel sad and disheartened. I wonder if people can base their arguments on such stupid logic, can they really understand what pain the couples of the same sex would be going through whenever it crosses their minds that they can’t bear or make children. But, that would be too much to ask. Anyways, coming back to putting forth my argument on this,


     1. Just because one cannot reproduce a child, how can they be unnatural and against nature when many women and men around the world are born with dysfunctional private organs and fail to reproduce. It’s a sad thing, but it’s true.

      2. If not reproducing is unnatural, then why so much respect for Mr. Modi and Sadhus and Sanyasis? Just because they choose not to? 

      3. If not reproducing is unnatural then the birth of Transgenders is unnatural. God has cursed them, it’s their karma, it’s about what they have done in their previous lives… oh STFU! If their past lives are responsible for their present ’ unnaturalness’ then remember, you too will be judged for what you have done in your life, and my friend, the judgement day is not going to be a good story for how you treated your fellow human, for how you differentiate fellow humans and for how you consider yourself superior to your fellow humans! 


If you still can’t understand, then god save you for your narrow-mindedness.


Homosexuals are a bunch of Nymphomaniacs and Satyrs

There is a lack of logic here, crave of sex has nothing to do with sexual preference. Sometimes I wonder how fucking sex craving man I am. I can’t stop thinking about sex and women and tits and pussies, especially Janapnese women. I wish there was a category where I could put myself for loving Japanese women more than my own beautiful and exotic Indian hotties. How about Javatic? Nah, it sucks, nevertheless, those who say homosexuality is a result of sex craving retards, must know that it’s completely logical to crave for sex, some crave for more and some for less and some to an extreme, so extreme that we can’t even think of it. Actually, I can’t really justify how I disagree to the logic behind this argument, but it’s simply illogical because personally I feel if it was crave that lead to ‘dysfunctionality’ of sexual desires, then I’d be sad for my country, where most (I think I’d be right to make this generic) of the people (men and women and everyone) think about sex more than anything else. Yes! But you are different my friend. You are exceptional. I am just saying in general, you are  unique.


Homosexuals are victims of sexual crimes against them during childhood

I agree that there are many homosexual victims who have been raped by their family members or friends or so at a tender age and they could do nothing about it, rather not even discuss about this with their parents following a stigma. Oh Indian culture I salute you!

But that is just too common in this country. Sexual offenses against children at home, school, public places are as common as pissing in public. Children are the biggest victims of molestation and many have no idea how to speak against it, until recently when children have started to speak up, thanks to good parenting and no thanks to otherwise. It would be stupid to relate these two and make it generic. Just like being a child of a cricketer doesn’t mean the child is going to be a cricketer even if he happens to be brought up under that environment, it’s just a personal choice. Yes, there can be persuasive times but a choice is a choice and a choice is neither a coincident nor an accident.


It is forbidden in Indian Culture and Religions prevailing in our country 

Indian culture has boasted homosexuality more than any other culture around the world, rather, our culture has boasted anything close, equal or similar to the term ‘sex’, more than any other culture across the world, be it Homosexuality, Bestiality or Zoophilia. We have literature talking about all of these and also ‘Kamasutra’, the holy book of ‘natural sex’ 😉 I could elaborate more, but I’d be boring a lot of my readers, so next time.


Homosexuality is found only in Humans so its unnatural

Sorry to say that homosexuality is found in 450 species, but homophobia is found only in one. 


I just know one thing, India should not deprive its people of their rights, be it a single person. The Supreme Court must bring down and abolish section 377. We all know, that too would not end the misery, but down the line, the coming generation will take its own route to deal with the differences and I am sure, they will do well.

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