Cancer Treatment Options: Trends and Development

Diseases are inevitable in a human life. For one reason or another you may fall sick a number of times in your lifetime. But the good news is that most of the times you will beat the disease by taking right dosage of medicine on time and with a little lifestyle changes. But the sad news is even in the 21st century winning a battle against cancer is impossible.

No need to worry. Medical scenario has changed a lot in the last few decades. What seemed impossible at that time is quite possible now. In fact, there are several real life examples of cancer survivors who have won the battle against the deadly disease.

Star cyclist Lance Armstrong, Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh, Hollywood celebrities Hugh Jackman and Robert De Niro amongst others have successfully come out of the fatal disease and living a pleasant life now. It definitely gives a glimmer of hope to all cancer patients. There is every reason to smile and feel optimist.

Some Effective Cancer Treatment Options For Quick Recovery

  • Surgery: Since ancient times surgery has been considered to be the most effective cancer treatment option. It involves complete removal of a malignant tumor out of the body. Once a biopsy (the process by which a tissue from a problematic area of the body is taken out for laboratory examination) confirms the presence of cancerous cells – the doctor then follow it up with appropriate surgery.
  • Chemotherapy: In recent times, chemotherapy has got wider acceptability for its effectiveness. It is done to shrink size the tumour and thus reducing the risk factor too. Oncologists or cancer specialists use chemotherapy to cure blood cancers.
  • Immunotherapy: This is another cancer treatment option that includes a wide range of therapies. The aim of Immunotherapy is boost the patient’s inherent capability to fight cancer cells while improving the body’s defense power. It stops the growth and spreading of cancer cells inside body.
  • Stem Cell Transplant: It restores blood forming cells inside cancer patient – who has destroyed the same due to high intake of radiation – permeated through chemotherapy while treating any other cancers. Human body consists of three types of blood cells; RBC or Red Blood Cells, WBC (White Blood Cells) or Blood Platelets. We need all these cells to work in tandem to stay healthy.
  • Hormone Therapy: This cancer treatment option is extremely beneficial for persons suffering from breast or prostate cancer (both these cancers form due to hormone related factors). This therapy is highly advisable in cases when surgery or chemotherapy is not applicable. It prevents cancerous cells to grow further.

Usually doctor finalises the appropriate therapy options for cancer patients depending upon the patients’ medical history, severity of the cancer, his heredity and allergy to certain medications and drugs.

Preventing Cancer: Tips at a Glance

  • Be active.
  • Do Exercise Regularly.
  • Have a good 8-hour sleep every day.
  • Don’t expose your skin to sun for longer hours. Take adequate care of your skin. Use moisturizers on frequent basis.
  • Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Don’t forget your daily intake of Vitamin C – found in oranges, lemon and Indian gooseberries. Also drink at least 8 to 10 liters of water every day to keep yourself hydrated.

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