Reducing The Level of Smog in New Delhi & Protecting Environment: A Different Perspective

The same sense of déjà vu is prevailing within all of us now. Only when something serious happened we really become cautious otherwise we consider everything as hunky-dory even when it is not. India is quite popular for taking knee-jerk reactions to every serious issue. In the wake of a serious smog menace in Delhi the entire nation seems to be extremely tensed at this point in time. A pertinent question before all of us is “Have we really done an irreparable damage to the environment”?

Well, to a certain extent most of us will answer in the affirmative. The rising level of pollution and environmental degradation in Indian cities and metros can’t be doubted. Even a few days back, we were totally unaware of the environmental problems that loomed before us – it was only when the lethal smog started creating respiratory problems – we have now somewhat become watchful.

Environmental problems don’t start in a day barring the exceptions like Bhopal Gas Tragedy. It was the years of reckless torture of environment that we have reached such a precarious level of air pollution now. According to WHO (World health Organisation), data, air pollution has risen by 8% globally in the last half decades. Literally, not just India, lots of countries have failed to prevent pollution problems in their own backyards. But that doesn’t give us an unlimited license to harm the environment and disturb ecological balance.

As a nation of 1.2 billion plus people, we must have done something exemplary to keep the level of ecological equilibrium intact. Three of India’s megacities; Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata have found their mention in the list of World’s most polluted cities with maximum PM 10 (Particulates Matter). New Delhi continues to be counted as the world’s most polluted city. We must do something to improve the environment in Delhi and elsewhere in the country too.

Poisonous Smog In Delhi: What Needs to Be done?

The rising menace of air pollution in Delhi makes it extremely suffocating for us to breathe fresh air. The situation has gone from worse to worst now. Many feel that incessant unplanned developmental activities which took place in Delhi and NCR (National Capital Region) in the last few years have definitely harmed the national capital’s atmosphere.

Nevertheless, a massive chunk of crop-residue burning by peasants in parts of Haryana, Punjab and NCR is also another reason why Delhi has engulfed itself in such a thick layer of smog. There are some other reasons too for the growing pollution in the city; relentless real estate construction and harmful emission of gaseous substances from the vehicles can’t be ignored.

Currently, the level of smog in Delhi is the worst in the last one and half decade. There must be a multipronged strategy to tackle the same. It’s high time everyone should start planting trees across the city wherever possible. Also, some sort of restrictions needs to be put on the number of vehicles running on the streets. Both the central and state government must take some concrete actions to mitigate the smog problems in the nation’s capital at the earliest without making any political cacophony.

The First Step towards Environment Protection

Self-awareness is the key to protecting your environment and atmosphere. It must start on a massive scale. By joining hands with the people around us we can certainly achieve the life-saving dream of a fresh air – the birthright that every citizen of the country is entitled to.

India, standing on the verge of becoming a superpower, should have educated its people more on environmental issues. Merely signing climate change acts and other international deeds won’t solve the problem all alone.

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