India’s Slips Seven Places on Rule of Law Index

What’s the use of being the fastest growing economy in the world, when the law in my country is degrading simultaneously? Who are we developing for?  Why India is unable to execute the rule of law like the developed countries, when on every other subject it looks up to them? Why are we passive about it?

The Rule of Law Index report released on Thursday by World Justice Project ranks India 66th among 113 countries. Although India improved three places when it was compared with the same countries as last year, but once the index was updated with 11 new countries, India slipped down seven positions. India’s lowest performance was in Order and Security, where it was placed 104, just nine positions above the worst. The second worst was civil justice at 93, followed by Fundamental rights where India was placed 81.

The Rule of Law index compares 113 countries on the basis of eight criteria and India’s ranking on each are as follows.

  1. Constraints on government powers – 35
  2. Absence of Corruption – 69
  3. Open Government – 28
  4. Fundamental Right – 81
  5. Order and Security – 104
  6. Regulatory Enforcement – 77
  7. Civil Justice – 93
  8. Criminal Justice – 71

Most of the South Asian nations’ ranking remained the same. Nepal was an exception. It was the best performing South Asian nation ranked at 63. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka were ranked 111, 106, 103 and 68 respectively.

Alejandro Ponce, chief research officer of the World Justice Project said, “In broad terms, a lack of rule of law discourages investment and economic growth.”

India’s decreasing rank points out to the increasing risk of life faced by activists and journalists and the lack of justice for many. In a research conducted by Committee to Protect Journalists, it was found that 40 journalists have been killed in India since 1992. The issue of protecting journalists has been constantly ignored in our country.

While those doing their job sitting in air conditioned news rooms are free to shout their opinions, those who actually risk their life to fight for truth and society, face the risk of being killed. Which is why it should not come as a shock that India was ranked Asia’s most dangerous nation for journalists in 2015. In the same year, 9 journalists were killed in our country, making us the world’s third most dangerous nation for journalists, only behind Iraq and Syria.

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