Tips to Select an Ideal Spectacles Case


Spectacles are simply a part of you, your style and your confidence. So it’s understandable why people spend so much time to find the right color, right design and right lenses for themselves. Eventually, people end up spending more time on choosing the right case for their spectacles, but yet are not always satisfied with their decision.

Ideal spectacles case is the one which protects your glasses and there are tons of options available at your disposal if you start looking. So to help you find the right one, here are some tips that you can use to select an ideal spectacles case.

Basically, there are different types of spectacles case..

Hard Cases

  1. Hard cases are made up of light material which is easy to carry
  2. It is at the same time hard in material, so protects your spectacles efficiently
  3. Hard cases are made of different materials, like wood, plastic, aluminum, gold, silver and other metals. Some hard case types are plastic – glass case, optical case, plastic hard case, clear and transparent plastic case
  4. The inner layer of these hard cases is made of softer material, like velvet, which does not harm the specs from any sudden movement or accident. For all these reasons, this is an ideal spectacles case for people who are ok with its design and looks.

Any Catch?

  1. It lacks styles and design as compared to other cases.
  2. Not much can be done with the material as has to be in the shape of the box because the material is hard and should be suitable for protection.
  3. Refrain from buying a hard case if the inner and outer material is the same. It puts your specs at the risk of damage.

Apart from that, it’s an ideal spectacles case

For those who are aware of this catch and are looking for other options, here are some that you might want to try.

Soft Cases

  1. Soft cases are made of soft material like microfiber, leather. Apart from that they are also made from textile material like silk, etc.
  2. Provides optimum protection to your specs from any physical impact
  3. Also keeps it safe from any stain marks, which sometimes can happen with hard cases.
  4. They are light in weight.
  5. Soft cases come in more vibrant and exquisite designs and colors.
  6. They give dimension stability
  7. Affordable to all buyers.
  8. It’s an ideal spectacles case if your frames are made of thick metal or thick plastic.

Any Catch?

  1. They are only suitable for storing on a desk or a stand at your office and house.
  2. Not really reliable for carrying your spectacles in your bag or suitcase while travelling.

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