Month: November 2016

Is 2000 INR New Note Usable in Today’s Crunched Economy

  Following the Indian government’s bold step to demonetize the old notes of 500 and 1000 INR, it was expected that the government and concerned authority must have some ready solution to tackle the cash chaos. But even after three… Read More ›


Choose to Meditate

  So what is meditation? Well, it can be a lot of things. The word meditation has its origin in the Latin word Meditari, which translates to deep thinking and concentration. In short, meditation has everything to do with concentration… Read More ›

Ranting in Anger

  There’s a world out there where men and women have no choice of life and the also ones who do have no bloody idea that something this extreme exists. Although in India and other similar societies the latter case… Read More ›

Section 377 – Arguments

Almost everyone who has had the opportunity to debate in favor of section 377 with those against it must for sure, have heard the arguments listed below..        1. This activity is unnatural sex and against the laws of nature      2. How can… Read More ›

The Undercurrent of Death

The day Indian soldiers successfully carried out a surgical operation across the border in POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir); I got a call from a very close friend. Unfortunately this was supposedly the last time we would talk. “Hey Deepak, how… Read More ›

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