Bursting Crackers Increases the Level of Pollution on Diwali: Says Report

Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, is known for its rich tradition of bursting colourful crackers on that day. But over the past few years, people have become somewhat cautious about bursting crackers. The reasons can by many, but primarily, health risk is on top. We need to bring it down further.

Last year, Pune University has categorically pointed out the direct link between crackers and pollution. A report published in the Indian express, one of India’s leading dailies, cited an observation jointly conducted by the researchers at the Pune University (PU) and Chest Research Foundation (CRF). It disclosed that a simple fire cracker like a snake tablet emits as high as PM2.5 (Particulate matter), which isn’t good for humans and environment. Now imagine how much the other big crackers emit?

A snake table release around 65, 000 mcg /m3. It’s extremely harmful for the people standing near it and also it directly affects our environment. Crackers can harm our vital organs like eyes, nose, heart and lung.

Why You Should Stop Bursting Crackers: Reasons at A Glance

  • Prevent Fire Hazards: Fire accidents and tragedies are quite frequent in India. Kollam tragedy in Kerala, which took dozens of lives, a few months back, happened because of firecrackers. We can’t overlook it.
  • Be kind to Animals/ Pets: You can’t enjoy at the cost of harming other beings. Common!! Bursting crackers is no enjoyment at all. It shows your selfishness and lackadaisical attitude towards others. By bursting firecrackers you are endangering the lives of mute pet animals living within us.
  • Garbage All Over: There is no doubt, the wastage by firecrackers increases the waste – be it the sheet or the unused crackers – they lie scattered here and there. Is the clean India that we dreamt of?
  • Stop Promoting Child Labour: Spare a thought for those helpless kids who endanger their lives to let you burst crackers on Diwali. They work at hazardous factories and often risk their lives. Stop it!! Their apt place is school not hazardous factories. By purchasing firecrackers you are also somewhere promoting the child labor. Raise your voice against it.
  • Avoiding Harmful Gases: Every firecracker has some toxic chemicals and elements in it like; Cadmium, Aluminum, Sulfur and Barium among others. They do no good to us but invade our bodies by way of breathing. Then they attack our immune system and increase the risk of other serious diseases too.

Why Boycott Chinese Fire-Crackers?

There are many reasons to avoid purchasing Chinese Firecrackers. It doesn’t relate to any political ideology but some simple common senses.

  • The presence of high level of Potassium Chlorate in Chinese fire-crackers. Indian government has banned the chemical in 1992.
  • Possession and sale of foreign firecrackers (including Chinese) is punishable under the Indian law.
  • The noise limit for firecrackers as per the Indian rule is 145. But Chinese crackers frequently exceed that level. Also, the manufacturers hardly disclose chemical composition inside these crackers.
  • Often the chemical compounds which help making firecrackers are smuggled into India from abroad flouting all rules and regulations – causing huge damage to Indian treasury and Tax department.

Bursting crackers is in itself a bad omen. You spend a huge chunk of money just to fire crackers. Especially, in an over polluted and populated nation like India bursting firecrackers during diwali and marriage season is like endangering the entire nation, people and ecology as a whole.

Don’t Follow The Crowd…. Follow what is Right. Let’s pledge to stop lighting firecrackers on Diwali and other ceremonies, starting this Year!!

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