Team Indus of India Is Ready For Its Debut Cruise To Moon

Technology major Google has shortlisted Team Indus, only Indian space technology startup, to send a robot to the moon under the company’s Lunar XPRIZE competition for $25 million plus project. If the startup succeeds it would be the first time that a cent percent privately owned entity making a lunar exploration.

According to sources, Team Indus has already crossed the first hurdle by winning $1 million prize money earlier this year. The team’s R&D (Research and Development) division has a squad of capable scientists and future astronauts. Team Indus is expected to undertake its lunar mission by December next year.

The entire Indian media is now going gaga over Team Indus’s stupendous success; even its members are highly excited too. Literally, it’s the first time that any Indian rover or spacecraft is expected to land on the surface of the moon under the aegis of private entrepreneurs. In 1976, Indian astronaut Rakesh Sharma created a record by becoming the first Indian to land on the moon.

Why Team Indus Has An Edge Over Other Nations?

Until now, only ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) has exclusive right over space exploration. But now, Team Indus, a private company, is standing on the verge of creating history amidst several competitors. Initially, Indus team faced a tough contest from other 10 who were also in the fray including the likes of Italy, Peru, Mexico, Singapore, Germany and others.

Gladly enough, India had successfully reached the top 3 club of the contest. All these three nations will compete to send their spacecraft to the moon by 2017. GLPX (Google Lunar XPrize) will announce the ultimate winner of the contest which will fly to the moon through its spacecraft.

With Team Indus already in top 3, India’s prospect of winning this prestigious contest is indeed glittering.

Exactly nine years back, Google launched its unique lunar exploration campaign, GLPX (Google Lunar XPrize), in 2007, that aimed at motivating budding entrepreneurs to undertake in-depth research on space exploration. Several countries opted out of the contest due to one reason or another. But India’s Indus team stayed alive in the contest despite being a small private-funded entity.

Team Indus has a small yet capable staff. According to Team Indus’s official Ravishankar, “Humans have conquered sea, land and air. Space is the final frontier.” This couplet gave the much-needed impetus to the team that brought it to global spotlight.

Bes Wishes Team Indus

India is taking a great pride in team Indus and there is every reason to feel so. After the painstaking effort by the Indus team, finally, we are in the top 3. There is every possibility that the first ever premier spacecraft by Team Indus will land on the moon, India’s nearest satellite body.

The team is currently managed by Axiom Research Labs Pvt. Ltd headquartered in Bengaluru. The team is getting overwhelming wishes from the Indian crowd and citizens who feel this is the right time to show the world that India is a great nation with the right level of scientific temper, skill and attitude.

In recent past, Chandrayaan-1, India’s first unmanned mission to the moon didn’t land there as per planned. In fact, it did rough landing leading to the termination of its functioning. It is hoped that Team Indus will make a successful soft landing on the moon. Keeping fingers crossed!!

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